5 Careers Lessons From Star Wars

Because entertainment, escapism, and explosions aren’t all the movies are good for…

  1. Your parents don’t always know what’s best for you

Following Darth Dad into the family business might get you fast-tracked to a senior position in the Galactic Empire and a company spaceship, but the important thing is to follow your own dreams.

Really though, listening to advice from your parents, friends, and tutors can be helpful, but only you can decide what path you should take. 

  1. It’s never too late to consider a career change

Just because you’ve been doing a job for a long time doesn’t mean you have to stay in it forever. Look to Han Solo for inspiration – one day a smuggler, the next a hero of the Rebellion.

The important thing is that you’ll have built up transferable skills that will serve you well in your new role, just as Han’s piloting skills and criminal contacts did him.

  1. Always be ready to listen to different perspectives

Everyone approaches challenges differently, which means that if you work with a diverse team of people, hailing from a variety of backgrounds, you’ll be able to pool together a range of ideas. This will allow you to come up with innovative and effective solutions to problems – like how to blow up Starkiller Base.

Need some non-fictional proof of the importance of diversity? Statistics show that companies with high levels of gender diversity outperform those with low levels by 15%, and ethnically-diverse companies perform 35% better than ethnically-homogenous ones.

  1. Even the most talented people need a mentor

Luke Skywalker had Yoda; Rey will presumably have Luke in Episode VIII. Despite their natural talent, both need a mentor in order to reach their full Jedi career potential. Follow their example, and try and nab yourself a mentor when you enter the workforce – someone who’ll help, guide, and teach you.

Admittedly, Anakin had a couple of great mentors and turned out pretty terrible, but that was because he let evil consume him, not because he wasn’t skilled at using the force… so the point still stands.

  1. Don’t dwell on past mistakes

Everyone, fictional and otherwise, makes mistakes – just look at the Prequels. Even those with affection for them will generally admit that they weren’t exactly great. But then someone green-lit Episode VII, and suddenly the world loved Star Wars again.

So if something goes wrong, stand up, brush yourself off, and take heart that your billion-dollar blockbuster might be just around the corner.

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