Why Aspiring Writers Should Freelance While at Uni

As a student it’s hard to sustain that famous work-university-life balance. To get a part-time job or to not get a part-time job? Will it affect your study time? Will it affect your social life? Maybe, for aspiring writers, freelance writing is the answer.

So why should aspiring writers give freelance writing a go while at university?

Flexible work

The best part of freelance writing is its flexibility; which is ideal for students with lots to do. Students can pick and choose when to write and, thus, when to make money. It isn’t limited to weekdays or weekends and students can possibly make as little or as much money as they like.

According to American Express “it’s the flexible lifestyle and freedom that is most appealing” about freelance work. The Odyssey believe freelance writing is an excellent job because you can make your own schedule. When it’s put like this, are there even any cons?

Freelancing also means students aren’t tied to one place. During the Christmas holidays, there’s no question about whether you can make it home because of work or not. Your work goes where you go.

Potential feedback

For aspiring writers, freelance work is a brilliant way to receive some feedback. Not only this, but it’s far from guaranteed that your work will be accepted, for various different reasons. Because of this, aspiring writers can receive some constructive criticism. It’s a perfect way to get some real world experience and improve your writing skills at the same time.

A break from essay writing

The strict structure of essay writing doesn’t allow students to properly work their writing muscle. Doing a little freelance work here and there means students can break free from essay writing and ensure they’re testing their abilities.

The Balance explain that there is a “wide variety of types of writing available,” as well as a “wide variety of subjects to cover.” For someone who wants to enter the writing world, freelance writing offers a lot of diverse work. This, therefore, allows their experience to appear particularly varied.

A little experience

Spending time freelance writing allows for students to build their very own portfolio of work. How great would it be to finish university with some relevant experience before looking for a full time job? While freelance writing, it’s imperative to record all you’ve written and all that’s been published. For students, this means they’ve got a whole back catalogue of work to show off to future employers.

Pocket money

Money is often an issue for students. For aspiring writers, what better way to make a little extra money than by writing towards it? It will also feel extremely fulfilling to receive payment for doing something you truly love.

Preparation for life after uni

Freelance writing gives aspiring writers brilliant preparation for their creative careers after university. Students can learn how to invoice correctly, chase up outstanding payments and develop and build on a personal portfolio of work. Students will likely interact with professionals; allowing them to see what goes into creating a final, polished piece of work.

Students can become accustomed with email correspondence, asking questions and interacting in a professional manner. If the process involves a revision process, it also enables the writer and the editor to discuss, reason and edit together. Students can also become accustomed with different companies’ writing guidelines. Rather than following the rules as to what makes a great essay, students will learn the discipline of following company writing guidelines.

It’s something you love anyway…

…So why not? Make a Living Writing list “You love writing with a passion” as the perfect reason to start freelance writing. If you’re wanting to begin freelance writing and writing is a hobby anyway, why not get paid for it?

Freelance writing is a great way of entering the writing world while still at uni. Alongside needing money and experience, freelance writing can be quite an easy option for aspiring writers. There’s a high demand for hiring freelance writers so it’s a pretty attainable goal. Why not give it a go?


Kathryn Terry writes for Inspiring Interns, which specialises in sourcing candidates for internships and graduate jobs. Check out Kathryn’s Twitter, Instagram and blog to delve into her mind further.