5 Affordable Skin-Care Treatments For Spot-Suffering Students

University life is tough. One minute you’re out having freshers fun with your new friends, and the next? You’re having a hot, late-night study date with the library.  With the work piling up it’s only natural to feel stressed out. Unfortunately for some, this stress can lead to one majorly irritating issue: spots.

Its a vicious cycle from thereon out. Stress causes spots and spots cause stress (Lets not forget that annoying ad). But there’s a whole load of other reasons why a few pesky pimples might decide to pop-up on your face. In fact, most people will suffer from acne at least once during their lifetime: 95 per cent of us, to be exact.

Obviously as a student you can’t really afford to folk out on laser treatment to save your skin. But it’s no easier embarking upon a mission to find affordable and accessible products that actually work. This article should help!

Here are 5 financially friendly methods for taming your spot-prone skin. It’s time to break-free from breakouts!

Boots Tea-Tree and Witch Hazel Products 

Tea tree and witch hazel are the two weapons that you need in your war on spots. Tea tree reduces the amount of acne-inducing bacteria on your skin, which prevents breakouts from even happening in the first place. Witch hazel does the job too, removing excess oil from the skin and soothing swelling.

Boots stock a whole range of tea tree and witch hazel products. Combine the face wash and toner with the day and night moisturisers for a perfect, low-cost skincare routine. This range is gentle on the skin and keeps the spots at bay. Plus one purchase goes a long way!

Dr Organic Tea Tree Blemish Stick

Here’s another product containing that magical ingredient: tea tree. A blemish stick is a handy little tool that you can use to target breakouts in isolation. Just apply the stick to the affected area and watch it quicken the healing process. It’s lightweight gel formula means that you can apply it under or over makeup; who says you can’t fight spots AND look fabulous?

This Blemish stick can be found in Holland and Barrett and it’s only a fiver! All Dr Organic products are cruelty free, so you can save save both your skin and animals at the same time!

Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Collection

Clean and Clear’s Blackhead Clearing Collection can be found in Superdrug, and it sure is tough on spots. These products give your skin a deep cleanse, removing dead skin cells, dirt and oil! The toner is pretty strong though, so steer clear if you’ve got super sensitive or dry skin; it might irritate it.

The 2-in-1 mask and wash is a particular bargain. Use it to wash your skin daily and if you’re in the mood for a pamper sesh, leave it on for 5 mins and relax.

Garnier Pure Active Matcha Detox Pore Unclogging Mask

This revitalising face mask gives your skin the deepest cleanse you could possibly imagine, and can be bought in Boots for just £5.99! Honestly just one application of this stuff makes your skin feel smoother and look healthier!

This matcha green tea infused mask reverses the harmful effects of pollution on the skin and unclogs pores; two things that every effective spot treatment ought to do. Apply two to three times a week and leave it to set for 10 minutes for optimum results.

Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Mask

Another cruelty free option from Holland and Barret! This face mask contains rose oil, which does your skin the world of good and smells amazing! It’s great for spot-prone skin because it gives your pores a deep-clean, drawing out all that nasty spot-inducing oil!

Just slap it on to clean, freshly washed skin for seven minutes twice a week for it to take effect, and watch your skin gl0-up!

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