6 Steps To The Perfect Interview Outfit

Sometimes, deciding what to wear to an interview can become more time consuming than preparing for the interview itself. We’ve come up with some top tips to help you dress to impress, so you can focus on what really matters.


Focus on the smart, not the casual

Most interviewers will tell you the dress code is smart casual. This can be frustratingly vague and can leave you asking, which one is it? Our advice is: when in doubt, take the smart and ditch the casual. You can never look too presentable for an interview and better to be overdressed than the scruffiest applicant there.

Smart casual means not jeans but trousers. It means not trainers but shoes. Basically, anything you would consider as casual clothing is not going to be suitable for an interview.


Dress like them

Choosing clothes similar to what your future employer is wearing can be a great way of showing you have really done your research.

In this day and age, it is relatively easy to find out the style of an office. Most businesses will have an ‘About Us’ page on their website, many of which have pictures of staff. You can use these to get a sense of what you are expected to wear. You can also use Twitter to try and find pictures of your potential future colleagues in the workplace for clothing inspiration.

However, like with the smart-casual conundrum, this should be treated with caution. Even if your interview is for somewhere that dresses down, chances are they will still want you to make an effort for the interview.


Don’t panic-plaster on the make up

Unlike not being able to dress too smart, you can make the mistake of wearing too much make-up. Without wanting to sound too much like your mother, remember you’re going to an interview, not a nightclub.

Go for a natural look and remember: when it comes to your face in an interview context, less is usually more.


Be bold in colour

Wearing colour is a fail-proof way of ensuring you stand out. And it also shows you have confidence, a trait every employer likes to see. Being brightly clothed is particularly useful during group interviews. Amongst a sea of dark blue and black, your  outfit will grab the attention of the interviewers before you’ve even opened your mouth. Then all you need to do is ensure the eyes are kept on you throughout the task.

A colourful outfit will also benefit you during the selection process. If a lot of people have applied for the same role, it’s likely that interviewers will struggle to remember every candidate. However, the only person who turned up in a green dress is bound to stick in their memory. You just need to make sure it’s for the right reasons.


To heels or not to heels?

The answer to this question is simple. If you’re used to wearing heels, put them on. If you never wear heels, best to leave them off. Although a pair of heels can give your outfit the perfect air of confidence and sophistication, they can also, unfortunately, have the complete opposite effect.

An interviewer will not mind you wearing flat shoes, as long as they are smart. What they will notice is if you are unable to walk properly and come in looking nervous of falling over.


Be comfortable to be confident

Being comfortable is the key to confidence. The most important thing is to be yourself. If you live in your jeans and can’t bear the thought of wearing a dress, opt for a smart pair of trousers. This will immediately put you at ease. Plus, not having to constantly tug at the hem of a skirt you hate wearing will be one less thing to worry about.

Don’t spend too much time stressing over what to wear for your interview. Although first impressions are important, no interviewer will pick you based just on what you decided to wear. As long as you look neat and presentable, what you actually say during the interview will carry far more weight than what you’re wearing.

Make sure you choose clothing that feels comfortable and focus your energy on how you are going to answer those questions!


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