How to Impress the Boss at Your New Grad Job

If you’ve recently started a new grad job, it’s natural to want to make a great impression on your new boss. After all, being the ‘newbie’ to a company is never easy. Showing that you’re a go-getter and ready to take on the new challenge is bound to work in your favour.

It’s a known fact that maintaining a positive relationship with a manager or boss is crucial in any job. Studies have revealed that nearly 50% of employees who find themselves in strained relationships with their supervisors leave their roles and seek new opportunities.

Here, we’ll explore various strategies to help you achieve instant success in your new role and prove that your boss has made the right decision in hiring you:

Show that you’re open to feedback

Nothing will annoy a manager more than new, recently graduated employees who believe they know everything there is to know about the industry and the grad job role. Managers prefer employees who are adaptable to the company’s culture and methods and willing to accept constructive feedback.

Don’t take feedback as a negative. It’s highly unlikely you’ll get everything correct in the first week or two of working at the company. So, be appreciative of the guidance and use it to your advantage to get ahead.

Be proactive in your grad job

While you’re likely to receive some form of training in a graduate job, managers are always more impressed by employees who show enthusiasm and take initiative to manage their tasks independently, rather than constantly relying on instructions.

That doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions. Any manager will expect several questions when any new employee joins a company, so don’t be afraid to reach out for help when you need it. However, don’t bombard if you can help it. Managers don’t like to be disturbed too frequently when trying to get on with their work and it may also show a lack of effort to work to your own devices.

Also, why not volunteer for projects to expand your expertise in other areas of the business? This displays a willingness to progress and succeed. Always look for new opportunities that go above and beyond your assigned responsibilities.

Understand their working style

All managers have their own unique working style, and it’s essential to identify it from the beginning. Take the time to observe how your boss prefers to navigate their day-to-day tasks. Do they prefer face-to-face communication, or do they rely heavily on emails? Are they open to regular meetings to stay updated with their staff, or do they have an open-door policy where you can approach them anytime?

By getting an understanding of this, you an align approaches and reduce potential conflicts and iron out any issues.

Offer innovative ideas

As a new graduate, you have the advantage of being equipped with the latest industry knowledge, which allows you to bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to the table. Your academic journey has provided you with up-to-date insights and cutting-edge techniques that can significantly contribute to the success of your chosen field.

One way to make a notable impact in your new job is to identify key areas where processes can be streamlined and made more efficient. With your fresh perspective, you can evaluate existing workflows and propose effective solutions to optimise productivity, which can help the company save time and money and improve its overall performance.

If you are in a creative role, you may have the ability to think outside the box and challenge traditional approaches can ignite a wave of new ideas within the team, which may change the way your company is run for the better.

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