5 Ways To Cope With Learning Difficulties At University

Some folks assume that higher education is reserved only for the highest of academic achievers. While this may have been true back in the old days, things have changed. After all, despite some snooty articles, everyone has a right to get educated!

Many people struggle with learning difficulties, including dyslexia, dyspraxia and more. While help and understanding is out there, it’s worth stating in specific terms that university isn’t barred to such people.

Here are five ways to cope with learning difficulties at university.


Know you’re welcome

Every undergraduate struggles at some point during their time at university. The mitigating circumstances form is no stranger to the stressed-out student, and every so often people need a helping hand for any array of circumstances. The situation is no different for those with learning difficulties, and campus is just as accommodating!


Tutors face similar struggles

Think your learning difficulties are too much of an obstacle? Some of the tutors who roam the lecture halls face the same challenges as you do! If they can pass on their wisdom, you are certainly capable of retaining it.

If you suffer learning problems and you’re apprehensive about applying for higher education, know that many people like you have done it all before. Your struggles are barriers to be broken; they certainly shouldn’t hold you back from fulfilling your dreams.

Take inspiration from those who came before. Even better, talk to them. Strike up a dialogue, listen and learn!


Media attention

Problems are harder to tackle when the world isn’t as aware as it should be. However, thanks to brave undergraduates and the viral nature of the internet, students have publicly raised the issue of a lack of support.

There’s still a way to go, but such issues are emerging from the shadows and heading straight into the spotlight. Awareness makes any battle easier to manage and proves that education isn’t only to be found in a degree. Being informed on the world issues, care and compassion, action – it all helps!


Care and counselling

No, mental health and learning difficulties are not the same thing. However, the latter can certainly affect the former. Self esteem and confidence can easily be knocked when marks become harder and harder to achieve.

The days may get difficult and the end goal might seem like a pipe dream, but your problems won’t last long when other people rally to you. Head to a counsellor and open up!

Remember: university is a place for exploration and expression. You’re not exempt from that, so get to know your weaknesses. Only then can you start beating them!


Fun over fear

University is more than exams and assignments. At some point, every student puts down the books and heads out to experience the world.

For all the trials and tribulations your learning difficulties might present, the wild side of your university experience should (at least for the most part) remain largely unaffected. You can enjoy a drink, a laugh with your friends, a wiggle at the dance and a kiss from a crush – it’s all out there waiting for you.

Try and set the worries and woes aside and see the bigger picture. In the end, there’s a whole world of fun, excitement and opportunity out there that no grade boundary can quash. Go find it!


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