5 Tips To Help You Become A Top Job Juggler

Perhaps you choose to freelance whilst working part-time. Maybe you’re a struggling creative forced into bar work by a lack of opportunities in your chosen field. Whatever the reason, many Millennials face the harsh reality of job juggling.

Here are five ways to keep the routine under control.


Utilise reminders on your phone

If you don’t have a smartphone, sort yourself one with a decent calendar app. The reminders are an invaluable organisational tool which allow you to set ringing or vibrating alerts, prioritise reminders, and schedule reminders to repeat weekly or monthly.


Follow up on all life admin

The ‘chase’ or ‘follow-up’ is one of the main responsibilities of secretaries, personal assistants and managers but isn’t usually a skill taught in education or family life.

Many grow up assuming that once you’ve sent that ‘I haven’t received my payment yet’ email, you can tick it off the list. Wrong. That email sits on the list until you’ve been paid, even if you have to chase it five times. This goes for doctor’s appointments, medical referrals, job applications and every other bit of life admin.


Try and take at least two days off work a week

This may seem like a luxury, but month upon month of six or seven day working weeks will deprive your career in the long run. While you beaver away at work six days a week, your health, social and love life deteriorate. All work and no play make not just a dull person but a physically and mentally weak one.


Write down all your plans and tasks in one place

The more calendars and to-do lists you have to check, the harder it becomes to keep them under control and get them done. Choose your ICal or your Moleskin or even just a reminders list. In the heat of the moment or when you’re late for a meeting, you only want to have to check one list to stay up to date.


Know your limits

Juggling jobs is hard work. The first step to knowing your limits is to try and set the goal of two days off work a week, Beyond that, try and limit your hours to what you know you can manage healthily.

Outside your career, the temptation as a struggling Millennial can be to take on too much to try and tackle competition in your chosen sector, being underpaid and the housing market. Bear in mind that you normally need more time to do something than you think, as you can’t plan for every outcome. It’s okay to leave out a hobby or two until you’re in a more stable position.

Keep getting exercise though – that one’s important!

If you’re struggling to balance multiple employers, you’re not alone. The double bookings, having to bail on social occasions as you’ve remembered you have work and missing shifts are all part and parcel of the lifelong journey to mastering time and organisation.


Cristina studied English Literature and Hispanic Studies at Queen Mary University of London and now works as a writer and photographer. Catch her on TwitterLinkedIn and her website.

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