Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas – On A Budget!

The night of spooks and thrills is almost upon us! To students across the country, Halloween is a night of partying and the chance to dress up. You’ve still got plenty of time to organise your outfit, from choosing who to go as, to finding or even making the costume!

Still, if you run out of time or need some extra encouragement you’re in luck! We have you covered.



Mummies are popular amongst the Halloween costume choices. Not only are they a classic, they’re also easy to make if you don’t have the budget to fork out for one from a costume shop.

All you require is white fabric (toilet paper in a pinch) and a bit of creative skill! Follow some simple instructions to cut your fabric correctly and then dye it with old teabags for that dirty authentic look. Tie the bandages around your basic white clothes; a simple white t-shirt and leggings should do the trick.



What could be simpler than turning up as a ghost to your Halloween party! True simplicity for those who don’t have the time or budget to go all-out this year.

All you need is a large white sheet and some simple well judged holes! Get some white face powder to add to the spooky look. There are plenty of tutorials online if you need help.

Tips for face painting include using a white base as a foundation and applying dark circles around the eyes. You could even add dark lipstick and use eyeliner to add bruised effects if you feel brave enough to experiment.



Another easy classic which anyone can pull off.  All you need are some tatty old clothes; add slashes and marks to them to achieve a ragged, worn-out look. Apply generous amounts of fake blood around your mouth and on your clothes – and you’re set!

There are plenty of tips on different types of zombie styles to go for, as well as links to zombie make-up advice and tutorials.  If you want to make your own fake blood, there are recipes for that as well.



This is great as you can simply use your everyday clothes and adapt for the doll look.  Get a skirt and knee high socks.  Paint yourself rosy cheeks and make your eyes look oversized using make up techniques.



We’ve all seen the rubber teeth hanging in the shops before. Get yourself a long cape or make one to add to the look. Wanna go all-out? Get some scary red eye lenses to look truly spooky.



If you’re hosting a party, there are cheap extras you can throw in such as ghost tea lights, gel character stickers, spiders and spider webs. Here are plenty of ideas to make sure your party goes off without a hitch!

Remember: although it’s Halloween out, that doesn’t mean your night has to get really scary. Don’t walk alone at night and don’t drink to excess; your friends want to enjoy the night as well, not ending up as your babysitter! Punch is always a popular choice at parties – but remember you don’t know what’s in it, or the quantities. Keep your phone on and make sure it’s charged in case you get separated from the group, and try and stick with friends. Always keep cash tucked into a safe place in your costume in case you need a taxi back home.

Have a spook-tacular night!


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