How To Make The Most Of Your Summer!

The summer months are rolling around. Exams and deadlines are drawing to a close. For many students, the thought of freedom is exhilarating.

You’re probably used to living with plenty of other students and you may even be lucky enough to live with your friends. Now, though, most go back to their parent’s homes for a few months. The everyday antics of student existence are no more and you’ve gone from being non-stop to twiddling your thumbs.

To avoid the pending boredom, try and make the absolute most of your summer.


Book a holiday

The cost of travelling abroad may put you off travelling. However, if you work for the first half of the summer break, you can definitely rack up enough money to pay for a week away in the likes of sunny Spain. Or, if you really are strapped for cash, have a stay-cation in the UK.

Travel Supermarket has even broken down the pros and cons of booking a last minute holiday compared to booking in advance to help you choose the best money saving strategy.



Work may not sound like the most exciting way to spend your summer but even doing a few shifts a week will help to keep you busy and make you feel like you’re actually achieving something.

There are so many benefits to working while studying – see The Complete University Guide. You may even make some new friends in your work place. And let’s not forget that you’ll be earning.


Find a hobby

Your mum probably used to drill this into you as a child that you should find a hobby but remember, mums know best.

You may have been a part of a society or sports team at uni, so why not try and find a group or team where you live? Or, you may have been too busy during term time to do something you love so now is the time to branch out and explore what you enjoy.

Psychology Today talk about how hobbies can help with stress in their article ‘Six Reasons to Get a Hobby.’


Plan your reunions

Chances are you and your uni mates live all over the country, so meeting up can be a bit tricky.

Plan out when and where you’re going to meet over summer break to ensure you don’t lose touch. Make sure you split the travel load equally; this could mean alternating whose house you stay at or making a weekend of it in a city somewhere in between.

If you need some inspo on where to go, The Guardian have created a list of their top 10 city breaks for you to choose from.


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