How To Stay Fit When You Lack Time Or Money

It’s been backed by research. Working your body’s muscles can benefit your thinking. If you won’t do it for your cardiovascular health, then at least think of your brain cells.

Think gym memberships are too pricey and you don’t have the time? No problem. The following physical activities require little to no preparation and zero money. Of course, a will of steel is a must.


Start running

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This one is probably the most demanding and time-consuming of all the examples because it actually involves the ritual of gearing up and going into public. But putting in the effort is definitely worth it.

Running boosts convergent thinking, which is used to come up with one good solution to a problem. Among other cognitive benefits, we should also mention memory and concentration enhancement. That being said, jogging and exam season fit together like a hand in a glove.


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Plank, deemed one of the best full-body workouts, is something you can do anytime you feel like and for as long as you please. For best results though, you should aim to maintain the plank pose for as many minutes as possible.

To figure out how to position oneself into the plank is a no-brainer: just follow these simple steps. Once you implement planking into your daily routine, you will soon be able to experience improvement of your overall mood. It can truly act like a balm on your soul.

Do lunges

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If you’re too lazy to go outside for a walk, you can always walk in one spot at home. In other words, lunges is another affordable and accessible way of working out. If space allows, you can lunge your way from kitchen to the living room to add a bit of variety to your study break.

Walk everywhere

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Walking is arguably one of the most natural and spontaneous things humans can do, and if you spend less than 30 minutes per day walking, you better rethink your walking habits now. Whenever and wherever you glimpse the opportunity to be carried by your own feet instead of a machine, act on it.

Any cognitive perks you can derive from going on foot? The ability to brainstorm well, for example. Walking promotes divergent thinking, which is used to generate many new ideas, in a context where more than one solution is correct. Wandering around different surroundings makes your mind wander, too, and then you wonder how easy it was to dream up new concepts.

Take the stairs

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Can you imagine a heart pumping activity that is more flexible and easier-to-fit-into-your-everyday-hustle and bustle than opting for the stairs over an elevator/escalator? So mundane and so obvious, yet many people are skipping this cheap form of work-out.

And it doesn’t have to be utterly boring, either. Think of it as a vertical fun run, climbing up the hill… without having to take a day off and a 2-hour drive outside of the city.

Dance your hardest to your favourite music when nobody’s watching

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…or when everybody’s watching, depends on your level of exhibitionism. Whether it be Bohemian Rhapsody or the last summer techno party music, dancing to the fast-paced music you love is a great way of fusing together fun, joy and sweat.

There you have it, fast and free ways to tick off your “Physical exercise” box.

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