How To Beat Writer’s Block

It’s a tough thing to overcome but you must remember that writing is an art, not a science. We have all wrestled with writer’s block at one point in time and each victory is different.

Writer’s block is inevitable. You’re staring at a blank screen unable to think of what to write and you are trying to stop your mind from getting easily distracted, but any ounce of creativeness that you once had has left your body.

You know you have to write but you don’t know what…

Well don’t you worry because you are not on your own. Every writer struggles with it and it’s what you do with it that matters.

So here are some things that you can do to fight this creative constipation.


Take a BREAK!

If you think your writer’s block is a result of tiredness then try taking a break. Putting that pen down or turning off your computer gives your mind time to replenish itself. Take yourself outside for some fresh air and make sure to get a good night’s sleep. You never know, you might have a dream that could spark a great idea.


Change your routine

If you’re sitting at your desk and watching your deadlines get closer each day then it’s time to shake things up a bit. Instead of sitting at home and writing at the same desk in the same room try packing up your notebook or laptop and start writing in a new setting. A change in surroundings may bring some new ideas into your work and lead to beating your writer’s block so that you can start getting on top of things.


Cure your fear of the blank page

Open a word document and start writing a letter that begins with ‘Dear Mum…’ or try writing in a stream of consciousness fashion or try freewriting. You can do this by taking a single word and writing anything that comes to mind for five minutes without stopping. This exercise could force your brain into a creative zone which can be transferred to your original work. You would be surprised where one simple word can lead you.


Or try a writing prompt

If you find it difficult to get the creative juices flowing then try some other writing exercises. Searching for some writing prompts can inspire you to write something great. You can also purchase writing prompt cubes that you can roll just like dice and you write according to the prompt the cube has landed on. You never know what you’re going to get and sometimes it’s worth taking a risk.


Keep reading

If you don’t read often then you can’t expect to be getting any better at writing. Your writing imitates the kind of books or articles that you read, so make sure it’s good. Don’t just read what you’re comfortable with if you try reading new things and keep an open mind then you will end up becoming a better writer.


There you have it, a few simple things that you can try to totally smash that writer’s block. But don’t beat yourself over it if these tips don’t inspire you straightaway as masterpieces aren’t created in a day


Mine Sherefali is a contributor for Inspiring Interns. 

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