A candidate day in the life of a Marketing Assistant

My Background

I studied Biochemistry at the University of York and graduated in the Summer of 2017. After taking some time off to travel, I decided to try a completely new field. At the time, Marketing was an area that I had heard of, but never worked in. I had some volunteering experience in the Communications team of Pint of Science, but that was the closest I’d come.

Inspiring Interns found my CV and helped me secure a role with Vision Direct as a Marketing Assistant. As part of my role, I am involved with a variety of areas within Marketing – but mainly I work with the Senior Marketing Manager, Emma, to deliver email campaigns both for existing customers and prospects.

Typical Day


I arrive into the office, make a coffee and have a snack from the office fruit bowl. Then I check my emails for any important issues I need to resolve.


We have a Marketing stand up meeting with the whole team. This is a good opportunity to list my top three priorities for the week and highlight the most pressing tasks.


I use Dotmailer to build the various email campaigns for all of the Vision Direct markets across Europe and the US. I also use this time to review the success of previous campaigns using tools such as Google Analytics.

1pm: LUNCH

When the company is not tempting us with free pizza, I usually head out for lunch with some of my colleagues. Working near Camden and Kings Cross means there is delicious food; we are spoilt for choice.


My manager and I have monthly meetings with an email consultant to discuss which email campaigns worked the best and develop our current process.


I also get to work on other projects as part of my role – for example  I recently organised a work trip for the entire Marketing team to travel to Brighton and have our team building day. This has given me the opportunity to develop new skills, such as; project management, internal communications and logistics.


Just before the end of the day I make a prioritised list of my tasks for the following day.


I usually head home at this time, although we do occasionally head to the pub for after-work drinks on a Friday.

Working at Vision Direct has definitely given me the opportunity to develop new skills and learn first hand about Marketing. I’ve also learned to adapt to fast-paced working environments. At busy periods, we may have additional campaigns that need to go out urgently – so that can be challenging. However, I find it very rewarding when all the work is done.

Over the past 8 months I have learnt a lot about e-commerce, the diversity of roles in marketing and GDPR! There have been lots of opportunities to develop new skills. I’ve already attended several marketing events and had the opportunity for training. I initially thought that I may have struggled coming from a different field, however Marketing is very accessible with plenty of scope to move into lots of different areas!

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