5 Great Reasons to do an Online Training Course

Receiving job rejection emails is nothing new to graduates. Sometimes you’ll get a brief explanation as to why you weren’t chosen, and sometimes there’ll be no clue at all as to what you did wrong — if you even did anything wrong to begin with.

Your impulse reaction might be to spend the rest of your day lamenting on opportunities lost before hitting the job sites again the next day, but a better option might be to stop and think for a moment about how you can drastically improve your chances for the next job you apply for.

One of the best ways to get yourself noticed is by doing a relevant online course in the industry you’d like to be employed in. There are many benefits to doing an online course so let’s take a closer look at why you should be signing up for one.


Improve your CV


It always looks good on your CV when employers can see you’ve taken the time to independently further your education. One phrase you’ll see over and over again on job adverts is that companies are looking for ‘self-starters’ and ‘people who are motivated’ so prove you are those things by taking the initiative.

Not only will you come across as keener for the role, you’ll learn a lot more about industry-specific terms and how to apply your new knowledge in the real world by taking an online course.


Take your mind off job hunting


There’s no doubt that if you’re an unemployed graduate, you’ll be spending a lot of time trawling through job sites. Whilst your dedication is commendable, it can also have a negative effect if you’re not getting many responses from companies despite all your effort.

Always remember to take some time away from job boards. Doing an online course gives your day-to-day life more direction, and you’ll certainly feel an improved sense of self-worth by doing something productive.


Relieve the boredom


Even those who do remember to take some time for themselves soon realise there’s not much to do that’s both enjoyable and cost-effective. It doesn’t take long before watching TV, playing on your games console, and scrolling through Facebook gets incredibly boring and repetitive.

Doing an online course is a great way to stay busy and proactive. And when you’ve done a good few hours on your course, you can relax with a gaming session or binge on a box-set as a well-earned treat for your hard work.


They’re relatively cheap or free


If you’re unemployed, the last thing you want to do is drop a small fortune on… well, anything. The best thing about online courses is that a quick search can reveal many results to suit your price range. In some cases, you can even find courses for free that come with industry-recognised certification.

In a world where it’s so hard to find something for nothing, you should be jumping at the chance to improve your employability in such a cost-effective way.


Find out if the job is really for you


One thing that always seems to be neglected at uni is a frank and open discussion with tutors about possible career paths, and whether the path you’ve chosen is right for you.

An online course can open your eyes to the ins and outs of certain professions. For example, if you’re looking for a role in digital marketing, you might be surprised as to how much time you’d spend analysing campaign results. If you’re not analytically minded, you may decide digital marketing isn’t for you and chose another suitable avenue as a copywriter or journalist.

Without getting a better understanding of what you’re applying for, you’ll never know if it’s the dream vocation you’ve been wishing for.


If you weren’t convinced that an online course could be beneficial to your employment before, you definitely should be now. There’s a whole world of learning out there for you to explore so go and find the course that’s right for you.online training course


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