An Interview With A Candidate On A Day in the Life of a Brand Manager

Why Brand Management?

My degree was in Business and Marketing. It didn’t help me narrow my search when it came to thinking about the future, as marketing is very broad. I’d worked a graduate role in I.T and found it to be interesting but not as creative as I’d have liked.

I felt like I was able to do my job, but not add my own flare, which for me, personally was quite demotivating. When they say do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life – it’s because passion for work breeds success.

I decided to start applying for content roles, events roles and digital marketing roles. I was picking careers with a vibrancy to them, somewhere I could showcase my determination as well as my personality. After a few months of not finding the perfect fit, I came across Inspiring Interns.

They asked me what I wanted in a career and started sending me job specs. I expressed that I wanted career progression, variety in my day to day work life and training. One particular evening they showed me a company called The Spice Tailor and explained that I would be a perfect fit for an ABM role.

Three months later … and here I am. I have a brilliant team around me, full support provided every step of the way, the ability to lead my own projects and I essentially help manage the brand!

ABM Life.

The quite interesting thing about being an ABM (Assistant Brand Manager), is that, actually, it’s quite hard to depict what a typical day would look like.

The role is so full of variety and explorative concepts, that no two days are the same. Some mornings can start off with a set project (Project X), but by mid-day there may be numerous projects in play which have stemmed from Project X.

When I tell you, there are days where I’m fortunate enough to be on film sets and the next I’m baking cookies for a content peace – I’m being deadly serious!

My days can be anything from events, website content, growing plants, sending my family and friends pictures of Doug the Pug on a filming day (to make them super jealous), liaising with PR companies on the look and feel of the company Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and so on.

Being an ABM has helped me understand marketing as a whole. My role allows me to generate new ideas and be heard whilst constantly learning.

The Spice Tailor is a brilliant, honest and trustworthy brand that puts its customers at the core of everything it does. When working for a brand that you believe in, it makes your job so much more fulfilling. Plus working for a famous TV chef who makes delicious dishes is quite the dream if you’re a foodie like me!

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