5 Things Fresher’s Shouldn’t Worry About

Starting university can be an exciting time. But when coupled with the  uncertainty you feel, it makes for a rather interesting cocktail of emotions.

Among many things, you will probably be feeling a little apprehensive about living away from home, making friends and the course itself. But fret not, here are five things freshers shouldn’t worry about.

Grades (Unless they count)

The majority of three-year courses these days don’t actually keep score of your grades until you hit your second year.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. It’s ideal to get into good habits and routines to ready yourself for your future, but the first year is all about finding your feet.

The first year of university is the most important one to meet new people and make friends, adapt to the independence of university learning, try out new things and explore who you are as a person. This should be carried out without the worry that any of it is impacting your grades.

Reading Lists

Whether you are an art student or someone of a more academic field, your tutors will have no doubt uploaded a long list of books that you are recommended to have read before term starts.

Usually, most students tend not to bother unless of course, it is an English- based course, then it might be wise to read as much as you can.

However, for a course such as mathematics or Fine Art, it might not be a necessity to have read all twenty books by the first day of term, so don’t fret about it!


Your job prospects should not be at the very front of your mind once you have got yourself onto the course of your choosing. However, they shouldn’t take a total back seat because, heck, its what you’re working towards!

Just don’t let them consume your head-space and time; making your first year miserable and full of nothing but work is not the aim here.

You’ll gradually get more of an idea what to do as the course goes on and your course will provide you with careers advice. Additionally, all universities have a careers advisor and service to provide you with support across your university experience.

Making a BFF Instantly

There’s no doubt that you will be raring to go. You’ve got your bags packed, car stuffed full of Ikea goodies and various knick-knacks that you probably don’t need.

The one thing you can’t take with you is your best friend. This isn’t something you should aim to replace either. Nor should you be concerned that you won’t meet friends as great as the ones from your school. It is important to keep in touch with old friends whilst being open-minded about making new ones.

Everyone is going through the same fresher’s fear. The one where you think you won’t ever make another friend again. This fear is absolutely irrational.

Fresher’s week is all about meeting new people. With non-stop socials, society first meetings and other student events, you are bound to meet at least one person that you click with.

It’s important to remember though, that not everyone you come across will be your friend for the entirety of your time at university. You will meet new people all the time, in every year of university, so don’t necessarily expect to have found friends for life in the first term.

Having the Best First Week of Your Life

Students often have a certain level of expectations around what it will be like starting university and it can be a little underwhelming if things don’t quite go how you anticipated.

Drinking for 10 nights in a row and rising at 1pm the next day is not everyone’s idea of a great time, so don’t feel any pressure to party hard if that’s not what you’re interested in. Look around for other activities that are going on in the university in the first few weeks, such as society introductions.

Remember, other students are more than likely to be experiencing the same thing as you are. So don’t get pent up about what could have been but isn’t, and start trying to appreciate what is happening right now. After all, it’s all that we have.


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