5 Ways to Settle Into A New Job

So you’ve graduated, you’ve found a job that’s not handing out nightclub flyers, and now you’ve got those first-day butterflies! Sound familiar? Well it’s not unusual to be nervous and excited when you start a new job… at any stage of your career!

With a new job venture ahead of you, especially for graduates, comes a whole heap of changes. This includes new people, new routines, new commutes and new things to learn. To give yourself the strongest start, here are 5 ways to settle into a new job!

It’s OK to feel like the newbie!

You may feel like a fish out of water, but remember that every single person you meet will have been in your shoes at one point! Although it can be overwhelming, this feeling fades pretty quickly. Most people you come across will be welcoming and happy to lend a hand. Try to meet as many people as you can in the first few weeks and talk to them about their roles, find out what they do, learn from what experience they have. You’ll quickly feel like you’ve been there much longer than you have!

Build good relationships… with everyone.

Building good rapport with your colleagues and peers is just as important as impressing your boss. From new-starters like you, to managers who’ve been around for years, make sure you leave a good impression on everyone you meet. Be friendly, be helpful, and be willing to learn. It’s important to build relationships at work – you spend a third of your time there!

Don’t be afraid to pitch in.

When you first arrive in a new role, it will take you a little while to get your knowledge up to scratch. Don’t let that stop you from pitching in, though! Speak up in meetings, give ideas during brainstorms, and use your own experience to help drive creativity in the role. People will soon forget you’re the least experienced! Your colleagues and managers will be impressed with your effort, and it will put you in a much better position to progress.

Always be yourself.

It can be tempting to change or hide small parts of your personality when you’re in a new environment with new people to fit in with. Although you should stay professional, you want to be able to be yourself, too! Being your true self will allow you to build genuine relationships, as well as creating an environment where you’re comfortable to work. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you can’t be yourself – and nowadays, companies hire such a range of personalities and experiences that you’re sure to find others you fit in with.

Be open to change.

It’s not just the first few weeks that will feel novel and strange. Many roles will throw fluctuations at you throughout your career, from colleague changes and workload stress, to promotions and social dynamics. Keep open minded and keen to learn new things, and never be afraid to make changes. Say yes to challenging tasks, and welcome changes with open arms.

Follow these tips, and your first few weeks in your new job will be a success! Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself … GOOD LUCK!

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