5 Reasons To Trial A Veggie Diet At University

Sure, we all know the typical student template: borderline alcoholics living off pizza from Iceland. Few undergrads can claim to maintain a healthy diet. Most of us at least occasionally go off the rails; vodka becomes water and we consume more McDonald’s than Ronald himself.

It doesn’t always have to be this way. Choosing a veggie- or vegan-based diet at university, even only on a part-time basis, has been proven to improve your attitude, physical state and finances!


It’s cheaper than a meat-based diet

A major misconception about vegan and vegetarian diets is that they’re expensive to maintain. In fact, vegans and vegetarians find it super easy to eat on a budget! Meat-eaters and pescetarians regularly spend more on their meals than vegans and vegetarians, because meat tends to be more expensive than veg.

So ditch them burgers and save some of your student loan!


Processed meat is no good to eat

Processed meat such as sausage and bacon is not stuff that you want to be putting into your body! Processed meat has been proven to contribute towards all sorts of nasty health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer!

Scrapping processed meat while you’re at university could help you to lead a healthier and happier life in the long run.


Dairy isn’t too great either

One common belief about dairy is that it’s essential in order to maintain a balanced diet. Wrong! The truth is, many of us can’t even digest milk, which explains why so many people are lactose intolerant.

Milk nowadays is a highly processed food and, ironically, evidence suggests that it actually encourages calcium loss from our bones!

Instead, get your calcium fix from dairy alternatives. Many vegetables are packed with calcium, and they’re cheaper than buying a block of cheese.


It makes up for all the binge boozing

Every student’s Achilles heel is cheap ‘n’ cheerful student nights. Who could possibly turn down alcohol at that price? You’re practically making money!

Many people will spend a lot of time partying during their student years, and that’s totally ok. But switching to a veg-based diet will do the world of good to your body whilst you’re necking back the pints. It’s like eating clean to make up for drinking dirty.


You’ll feel fresher and study harder

Sticking to a nutritious, veg-based diet could be your fuel for many successful days of revision. Becoming vegetarian or vegan will encourage you to maintain a healthier lifestyle, which means you’ll feel more energised and alert on a day-to-day basis.

If watching what you eat could make you more motivated when it comes to sitting down for a study session, it’s definitely worth a go!


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