5 Popular Misconceptions About University

For most, the final hurdle of education can be unnerving. All you know about universities is what you’ve heard from others and basic stereotypes. Let’s sort the facts from the fiction.


It’s the same as an American high school movie

No, Regina George isn’t terrorising victims in the hallways and Reese Witherspoon never got into Harvard. We tend to think of university as a place of fun and opportunity, full of tweed-clad poshos and stern professors ready to melt into supportive personal mentors.

The reality? Uni is less regimented than schools; you will be treated like the adult you are and are left to your own devices. Simplified: if you screw up, it’s on you.


You’ll be eating baked beans everyday

Only if you spend all your money on alcohol or books (if it has to be one, choose the latter).

Again, thanks to TV and film, undergrads are under the impression that you’ll be too poor to buy decent food. Incorrect, my friend. If you spend wisely – that is, don’t shop at Waitrose and don’t waste food – then you can eat properly without much trouble.

Eating tips: food prep is a time saver. Eating healthily will boost your progress. Also, try not to skip breakfast; it’ll keep you focused in 9am lectures.


It’s “easier than A Levels”

Before heading off to university, many students and graduates may tell you that a degree is more simple than completing A Levels. In some ways, this can prove true. You’re focused on one subject and you can transfer your skills across modules and everyday life.

However, you’re now taking your studies to a level school won’t have prepared you for. You’ll earn so many more valuable skills for your field, build relationships and gain the experience you need. Don’t take your work lightly or think you can ‘wing it’ like you did Year 13 General Studies.


Every day is the same

University timetables don’t work like school or college ones. You’ll have much more free time as a lot of it is up to you. You’ll be doing your own researching and reading, to your own timetable.

Lectures are rarely repeated and you won’t have tomorrow to go over something like you do in school. Try to keep on the ball and remain alert with your studies.

A fun thing about universities is that different events spring up all the time on campus, such as Varsity, nights out, reindeer visits at Christmas! Try to attend a few for a while as a break.


If you don’t go, you’re not clever

Ah, the greatest misconception of all! Just because someone is not academic, does not wish to go to university or doesn’t get into yours does not mean they are unintelligent.

For those not going to university, that’s your choice – and a legitimate one. Being a student does not, in and of itself, make you cleverer than someone who isn’t.

Having a degree is great. However, nowadays employers look for experience too. Make the right decision for you. It’s your future, after all.



Nikita studied English with Creative Writing at Brunel University London. Her loves include literature, travelling and writing. She is a spiritual soul and a bit of a wanderer. Stalk her on TwitterInstagram and on http://www.nikitamurva.com/!

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