Should Students Ever Live With Their Partners?

Deciding on living arrangements is probably one of the most difficult decisions that you will face during your student lifetime. A word of advice: choose your flat mates wisely. You’ll be stuck with them through a binding contract for at least a year!

You might be surprised, but living with your partner instead of your mates might just be the best option for you. There are fewer suspects when it comes to the dirty plate that’s been festering in the sink for days, fewer noisy distractions on the day before your deadline…

Ask yourself these questions and you might discover that living with your boyfriend or girlfriend is right for you!


How long have you been ‘official’?

It’s pretty obvious that if you’ve not been together long, becoming roomies is a bit of a rash move. Only time will tell whether the relationship is made to last. Once you’ve made it past the one-year mark, it’s probably safe to stick house-sharing on the agenda.


How often do you spend time together?

You need to be certain that you can handle all their annoying little habits on a daily basis. If you can spend days together without wanting to lock them in a cupboard, then sharing a home shouldn’t be a problem!


How often do you argue?

The odd argument is healthy and kinda amusing in any relationship. But if you find yourself arguing relentlessly about who left the light on 3 days ago, living in a volcano may be less volatile.


Do you trust them?

I mean, if you don’t trust them then you should be binning them not moving in with them. If you think your partner could be up to no good behind your back, then forget it.

Think about it this way: if they cheat on you, there’s no escape. You’re a student; you can’t just move out and find your own place. That’s a luxury that only people with full-time jobs can afford.


Are you used to splitting the cost?

We’re no longer in the 1930s and being equals in a relationship is what it’s about. That means that splitting dinner bills, holiday costs, and the price of all other couple activities is the norm.

If you’re already used to this, then paying for food and bills as a double act will be a breeze. If payment is usually one-sided, then that needs to change, pronto.


Are you a clean freak?

If overflowing bins and unwashed cutlery makes your blood boil, then living arrangements have the potential to turn your friends into foes. This is when sharing a home with your partner truly becomes paradise. The place stays cleaner for longer, and there’s only one person to scream at when you find a banana skin on the floor. Bonus.


Do you get distracted easily?

First year is for the most part a playful pantomime, but don’t be fooled. A significant amount of silent studying will follow, so make sure you live in a positive work environment.

If you’re easily persuaded to head out for £2 shots the night before your exam, your partner could be your saviour. It’s likely that they’ll encourage you to work hard when you need to, rather than entice you to go out and play.


Do you get on with each other’s friends?

Your partner’s mates will probably be coming round to chill a lot, you being students after all. So it makes life a whole lot easier if you get on with them and enjoy hanging out with them.

The same goes for your other half! You want to feel comfortable having your friends round at your place, so it’s important that your partner is happy to sit and chat to them.


Are they your BEST friend?

Like, seriously, your partner should be your favourite person in the world before you consider living with them. If you love them to the bone even when they’re in their sweats and picking their nose, then you can be pretty sure that living with them won’t put you off.


Do you have fun together?

Your student years are about having fun and making friends. If you’re the type of couple that goes out and parties hard together then living together is a great idea! Relationships should never hold you back, and you can be sure not to miss out on any student fun if you enjoy going out together.


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