4 Ways To View The End Of Your Degree Positively

Finishing uni is daunting at the best of times. It can be easy to sink into a pool of saddening thoughts about how much you’ll miss your friends, how competitive the job market is and how you can no longer class ‘getting dressed’ as a productive day.

However, the real world isn’t so scary and the end of your studies should be looked at in a constructive way. Below are a few ways to help you approach the end of uni positively.


Don’t obsess over planning

Your entire adult life cannot be planned. It just doesn’t work like that. It’s good to think about the future and have a structure to a certain extent in terms of what you wish to achieve. However when you begin to put time limits on goals it can have a detrimental effect.

Don’t panic if you’re still single, you can’t afford a mortgage and aren’t yet in your dream job at the ripe age of twenty-one. There is so much pressure to settle down and live by the book, but things don’t necessarily work like that. You may well one day meet someone special, you may be able to find housing and you may be successful in the career you wish to pursue – but assigning requisite ages to these huge life events is just going to stress you out more.

Live in the moment and get the present sorted first. For now, it could well be that dream job, but it could also be travelling or some part time work while you’re trying to figure things out. Whatever it may be, focus on that and stop fretting too far into the future.

Allow time to relax

A degree is a huge achievement and you’ll have worked hard and undergone so much stress to obtain it. Don’t forget this; give yourself a break.

Celebrate, book a holiday and don’t rush into anything too soon. You’re going to be working every day for the next fifty or so years, so put the brakes on and don’t feel bad if you don’t come straight out of uni into the job of your dreams.

Finishing uni can seem strange and graduate depression is real. Ensure that you take time out every now and then and don’t overwhelm yourself with the stress of planning absolutely everything. Chill out and it will all fall into place.


Acknowledge non-academic benefits

Everyone wants to graduate with the best grade that they possibly can and it can be disappointing if you don’t quite reach your academic potential. However, there’s so much more that you get from a degree in addition to the educational achievements. It’s important to acknowledge these benefits.

You’ll have met plenty of new friends, learnt to fend for yourself, perhaps changed your perspective for the better and gained a huge amount of life experience that comes from the hub of university. Recognise this. You’ll be a better and more confident individual which is attractive to employers.


Make the most of your final days

Whether you’re in the exam room, writing your final essay or out partying with friends, be sure to enjoy every second of your final moments at uni. It really is one of the best times of your life and such a unique period. Make the most of it.

Enjoy those final conversations with that opinionated classmate, go out for that fourth night in a row despite having the headache from hell and indulge in the fifth ready-meal of the week. Once it’s over, you’ll miss these moments, strange as it might seem!

Above all, make sure to focus on the long-term benefits of leaving uni. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you and it’s probably going to be a long one. So sit back, smile and enjoy the show!


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