5 Helpful Tips For Studying An Online Degree

The popularity of studying for a degree online is growing every single year and more than 20 UK universities now offer the option of studying remotely. This can be hugely beneficial for those who have time commitments or are looking to study the most suitable course for them.

One of the hardest aspects of studying an online degree is being very self-motivated, disciplined and organised as there is less direct help than traditional courses.

If you’re wondering whether an online course is for you, here are 5 helpful tips on gaining success in distance learning.


Expect the same workload as a traditional course

Although you don’t have to attend lectures as you would within a traditional degree, you’ll still have the same amount of work to complete. Many students also presume it’s an easier route to take, however distance learning requires more organisation and commitment than a standard degree.

Expect to study the very minimum of six hours per week, however will depend on the modules you take and how quickly you intend to complete the course.


Be comfortable communicating through the written word

Whilst studying for an online course, most of the communication between yourself and your instructor will be through the written word e.g. discussion boards, emails, briefs and assignments. In comparison to traditional face-to-face lectures, you’ll need to be comfortable with hours of reading and writing rather than oral communication.

Due to this differing form of communication, you’ll need to use your initiative when completing tasks, as you can’t just book a meeting with your lecturer as you would within a traditional course. Likewise, you won’t be able to have casual conversations with students, so it’s best to make use of the discussion boards as and when needed to complete tasks and make new acquaintances.


Establishing a routine

Although online courses give students a certain amount of flexibility, you’ll also need to ensure you have a routine set in place. It would be advisable to create a weekly schedule which is most suited to you. Most online courses don’t have regular classes or discussions that you’ll need to be in attendance for, so it’s pretty much up to you on how you organise yourself.

Before you enrol on an online course, enquire how many hours per week you’ll need to dedicate to your studies and create a plan beforehand so you know whether or not it will be doable for your desired lifestyle. Many instructors will advise you on whether you need to complete work in time blocks, however this again is all dependant on the institution you choose and the flexibility of the course.


Make use of the material provided

Due to the lack of oral communication, many online instructors will provide a wide range of materials for you to use to complete assignments. Materials may include videos, articles, ungraded tasks and even an online library which will are valuable for the learning process. Whilst it can be tempting to skip some of these resources, you’ll be cutting yourself short of what’s available to you.

To give yourself the best chance at achieving, make time to explore the materials provided. A range of academic resources will ensure you meet your course learning objectives and complete any assignments to the best of your ability.


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