4 Ways To Ensure That Your University Experience Equips You For Employment

It’s always good to keep employment on the back-burner. Here are a few tips on how to make best use of your uni experience to prepare you for the continuous flow of graduate applications after.

Make use of your careers team

Every uni has one and often students forget this. A careers team is there to help, guide and encourage you towards your future in the world of work. This includes support in a variety of areas which will all ensure that your CV and knowledge about the industry in which you want to enter is enhanced.

Careers departments usually put on events such as job and volunteering fairs, as well as holding one-to-one meetings. Whether it’s writing a cover letter for a part-time job at the beginning of your studies or learning how to begin a graduate job search at the end, your careers team should be your first port of call.

Studies suggest that not enough people are taking advantage of this brilliant service so why not change this and improve your employability!


Take employability modules seriously

Most undergraduate degree programmes have at least one employability module, usually during the final semester of second year. Some of these are well thought out but others seem to lack engagement from students who would prefer to be gaining experience outside of the classroom.

However, by taking these modules seriously and engaging with skills gained during any uni modules, you can highlight your perks and things to express in interviews to make you stand out. Often you gain more employability skills at uni than you would think so don’t forget to acknowledge this.


Fill free time with volunteering/part time work

This is one of the best pieces of advice anyone can give an undergraduate. No matter what grade you finish with, all employers want to see something more. When job hunting begins, you will see and hear the word ‘experience’ repeatedly. Not only will a part time job or volunteering placement develop you as an individual, building your confidence and create contacts, it will also shine on your CV.

As the amount of people doing degrees gets higher every year, be sure to stand out from the crowd. It will increase your chances of employability at the end of your degree.


Remember the value of your degree

This is the most important point of all. Never let unwanted opinions prevent you from enjoying every moment of your studies. Despite the increasing number of graduates, a degree remains a great achievement and puts you at an advantage in the global workplace.

You should be extremely proud of yourself for gaining this qualification, while treasuring all the memories that you make along the way. University really is worth your time and money and it is in no way an easy road, so hold your head high.


Harriet Mills is a final-year English Literature and Creative Writing Student in York. Based at her hometown near Cambridge, she is an aspiring writer with her main interests being features and travel writing. For more of her story check out her personal blog

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