The 5 Types Of People You See In Every Exam

1) The One Who Turns Up Late

You’ve known you had exam at 2pm on the 9th June for about three months. You’ve got a piece of paper that says the date and time. The teachers constantly hammer it into your head to be prepared and get there early.

Yet there is still someone who comes strolling in 5 minutes after the exam has started and, if that wasn’t bad enough, wearing obnoxiously loud shoes.

They stroll on through as if everyone else is super early and they’re just on time, but we all know that’s not true. It makes you wonder what they’ve been doing with their time and if they’ve actually revised. How is it that everyone else can make it on time but this late arrival has no concept of time?



2) The One Who Asks For More Paper

You’ve been given a booklet with 2 pages in and 2 hours to write 3 essays, and yet somehow the guy next to you is asking for more paper after 45 minutes.

You’re wondering how it’s even possible. How has he written this much? Maybe he’s messed up. Am I behind? Maybe he’s just a super fast writer?

You’re questioning the whole exam as if it’s you that’s done something wrong. But its not. It’s just this guy. He’s a fast writer, he revised more than you did and he’s been writing practice essays since the beginning of the year. Or…he’s just got really big handwriting…? *Crosses fingers*



3) The Ill One

Of all the times to get ill and the person behind you is getting over a chesty cough right in the middle of exam week.

She’s coughing super loud so it means you can’t concentrate. But you’re also starting to worry about the fact you might not last until the end of the exam without getting ill.

Then there’s your best friend who just happens to manage to be put next to you. You think the world of her but somehow you manage to be angry at her because she got a cold off of her little brother. She didn’t bring any tissues so she’s constantly asking the examiner for one. And then feels it must be completely necessary to blow her nose really loud while you’re just starting to get into your essay.

They can’t help being ill but boy do you wish they’d taken more precautions and dosed up on paracetamol before they arrived. At least bring some tissues next time will you?



4) The Early Finisher

You’ve been revising for months but some of the questions on the test are even making you struggle. Yet somehow, with a whole 35 minutes left before the test is over, you catch someone in your eye line who is already proof reading their work.

You’re hoping you haven’t read the clock wrong or overestimated the amount of time you have left. Maybe they’ve left out some of the questions or given up half way through? We can only hope. Clearly they didn’t listen to their parent’s advice to ‘use all the time you have’. Maybe they just think they have something better to be doing? Something more important?

I think we would all feel better if you just left now so we can get back to our work and assume we are the ones winning here.



5) The Fidget

You’re ready and prepped for your exam. You walk in feeling confident, you’re going to ace this. You’ve revised, you’re feeling good, and nothing could get you down. You almost feel excited about sitting it and getting another one out of the way! And then it happens.

You sit down in your allocated seat with your individual table, but the 6ft guy in your class is sitting behind you. Not only does he have the longest legs in the world but he’s also renowned for foot tapping. Oh the joy.

The tables are placed at equal distances away from each other so you can’t copy someone else’s work. However, what the school clearly didn’t think about is the fact there’s some annoying fidgets out there that make the distancing of the tables seem way too small. You can’t only hear his annoying foot tapping but he’s so tall you can feel it on the back of your chair.

Oh and don’t forget the person next to you with one of those four colour pens who keeps pushing each of the colours down whilst they’re thinking of ideas. Don’t expect to get away with taking an exam without the serial tappers and clickers!



So next time you’re sitting an exam, remember to look out for these people. And if you can’t find them all, you might be one of them!



Martine (@MartineFykin) is a psychology graduate and an aspiring teacher from Anglia Ruskin University. Living in Essex she has a passion for writing, fitness and travelling the world. Check out her LinkedIn here.

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