The Seven Stages Of Job Hunting

Graduated? Congratulations! You made it through a tough few years. Now surely it won’t be too difficult to find a decent-paying, interesting, entry-level job relevant to your studies, right?

Sorry. Welcome to the world of job hunting, a purgatory comparable to the seven stages of grief. Rougher seas make better sailors, so hold on to your hats as we navigate through the seven stages of job-searching together.


#1 – SHOCK

You’ve done it! Here you are, a qualified adult ready to make the transition into briefcase-carrying, meeting-attending industry professional. Unfortunately this elated shock will soon be replaced by a more painful counterpart, as you realise how difficult the job search will actually be. If you thought that picking out which blazer to wear to the interview would be the toughest obstacle, you’re in for a surprise.

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This stage involves pretending you can still get away with your sloppy student lifestyle while ignoring new responsibilities. Sure, you’ve earned a break, but eventually you’ll have to tackle the job hunt with a bit more zest. Scrolling through the first page of Indeed search results every other day won’t reap many rewards.

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Now you’re stressed and negotiating with everyone you know to weasel your way into a full-time job. Old intern bosses, tutors and successful peers, beware – we’ll be sliding straight into your DMs. Sucking up via politely worded emails will quickly become second nature.

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#4 – GUILT

As the days stretch on you’ll start kicking yourself for not being better prepared. Whether you could’ve completed more internships, used time more productively, networked when you had the opportunity, saved money or started the job hunt earlier, you can’t help but be annoyed at your past self.

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#5 – ANGER

Now you’re really starting to get pissed.


…you yell at 3:00am while checking your empty inbox for the fifth time that night. A lack of opportunities is frustrating, especially when working hard to get your name out.

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Perhaps you’re starting to think you’ll be broke and jobless for eternity. The search is hard, but persevere my friends. It’s easy to feel stuck in a slump, but remind yourself that it often comes down to luck and timing, don’t take rejection too personally.

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#7 – HOPE

Now you’re accepting that yes, this is is a weary process, but it will pay off. Every failure is a lesson, so keep your chin high knowing that soon enough someone WILL realise your potential and scoop you up into their little paying paws.

Until then, CARRY ON, use time wisely, make yourself even more employable and appreciate the freedom you have. As soon as you land that full-time gig you’ll be wishing for more hours in the day, so embrace your reality now. It’s all part of the journey.

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Anna Holling is an Aussie in London who takes too many photos, engages in one-way banter at, passionately advocates pineapple on pizza and enjoys speaking in third person.

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