Why Having a Personal Brand is Vital in the Job Search

While the concept of branding is most often linked to businesses, it’s just as relevant to individuals when it comes to the job search. Your personal brand is a critical factor that distinguishes you from other candidates and highlights why you’re the ideal candidate for a position.

Your personal brand is the key factor that distinguishes you from other candidates and highlights why you’re the ideal candidate for a position.

In simple terms, your personal brand serves as your distinctive self-promotion strategy. It ultimately acts as an overall image that employers perceive of you as a job applicant or professional. Typically, your brand is shaped by your professional achievements, skills, experiences and personality traits and combined to demonstrate why you’re the perfect candidate for both the advertised job and the company. 

However, the key lies in authenticity. Think about it – anyone can bluff their way through an interview by embellishing their professional achievements and skills, but employers value genuine candidates. What’s more, building a solid, trustworthy reputation goes a long way in your professional journey.

Here’s how to create a personal brand:

Create a video CV

Did you know that here at Inspiring Interns, we specialise in video CV? We recognise their immense potential in shaping and strengthening your personal brand, which is why we ask candidates to create their very own video CV when registering with us. 

Here’s how video CVs can be a powerful tool in creating your own personal brand:

  • Showcasing your personality: A video CV allows you to go beyond the confines of a traditional written CV with the ability to demonstrate your personality, charisma and interest in the role. Through your tone of voice and body language, you can convey valued qualities like confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Telling your story: Personal branding often involves crafting a compelling narrative around your career journey. Within a video CV, you can discuss your professional background, experiences and goals in a way that resonates with the viewer and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Engaging visuals: Depending on the time allocated, you could include images, infographics or clips within your CV that highlight your achievements in past projects or contributions more vividly. In turn, this can greatly enhance your credibility.

Create a website

In today’s digital age, personal branding has reached new heights, particularly for creative professionals like web developers and content creators.

Think of it as a digital canvas where you can exhibit your creativity and professional projects.  

For instance, web developers can proudly showcase their skillfully crafted websites, offering a window into their technical proficiency. On the other hand, content creators can transform their website into a gallery of multimedia, such as articles, videos or photographs aligned with their chosen career path.

What’s different about a website to social media platforms is that you have full control. You have the authority to curate every feature, from the layout, to the colours and content selection, so that every element is in keeping with your personal message.

Face-to-face networking

In today’s digital age, online networking has undoubtedly broadened the horizons of professionals across the globe. However, it’s important not to underestimate the enduring power of traditional face-to-face interactions, especially when it comes to making a memorable first impression on potential employers.

Opportunities for in-person networking are abundant, spanning the likes of workshops, job fairs, events, and seminars. These real-world gatherings offer the chance to create and nurture professional relationships and expand your network in ways that digital interactions often just can’t replicate.

During in-person networking, several key cues and practices come into play. You can showcase quiet confidence through a firm handshake and maintaining eye contact. Asking thoughtful questions related to the industry and giving your own opinions is a powerful way to connect.

Don’t forget to hand out business cards complete with contact details, so you stay top of employers’ minds if any new opportunities should arise.

How can Inspiring Interns help you form a personal brand?

Recruiters, such as Inspiring Interns, can play a pivotal role in helping you shape and refine your personal brand. We can provide support in helping you identify your unique selling points (USPs) as well as expert feedback on how to tailor your CV and cover letter to effectively communicate your skills and experiences.

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