New Year, New Job? Here are 4 Things to Consider Before Applying

New Year, New Job? Here are 4 Things to Consider Before Applying

When the festive season is almost over and a new year is approaching, it’s natural to start focusing your attention on change – whether that be a new year’s resolution, trying out a new hobby, or even a new job. It can be difficult to get into a positive mindset when the weather is miserable and there is not much to look forward to, but this brand-new year opens doors for brand-new opportunities – so don’t let it pass you by.

Before you start your new job search, here are 4 things you may want to consider:

Think about why you want to get a new job

If you’re currently employed and looking to switch jobs, one of the questions you may want to ask yourself is ‘why?’

Is it because you don’t see any room for progression? Do you have a difficult relationship with your boss? Are you in the wrong career? Once you understand your reason for wanting to change jobs, you’ll have a clearer perspective on what exactly it is that you’re looking for.

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Stay open-minded

While you may already have some idea of the career path you’d like to follow in the near year, don’t shut yourself off from other opportunities. Staying open-minded allows you to experiment with new prospects that you may never have considered before – whether that be jobs in a completely different sector or even a new location. You may be surprised at what lies around the corner that you never expected!

Clean up your social media accounts

Studies have shown that 70% of employers will browse through a candidate’s social media accounts during the hiring process. 60% of employers claimed that inappropriate posts would discourage them from hiring them at all.

 With this in mind, it’s important to go through each of your profiles and delete anything that may cause offense or off-put the employer from wanting to add you to their team.

Additionally, ensure you create a professional work email that you can confidently add to your CV, as opposed to the cringe-worthy one you created when you were in high school.

Think about your future goals

While you may already have decided why you wish to switch jobs, it would be wise to consider your future goals when it comes to applying for a new position. Use the festive period to think about your past career achievements and where you’d ideally like to be in 5 years. In doing so, you can ensure that you’re selecting a job that will structure the rest of your career, as opposed to what works for you at the current moment.

Create a video CV

Did you know that video CVs are fast becoming the latest job application trend? Alongside your traditional written CV, many employers now require candidates to make a short recording of themselves outlining their educational background, skills, and experience for the role.

A video CV allows you to showcase your personality, showcase your creative skills (particularly for creative roles) and demonstrate any skills required for the role (e.g., public skills, design work, or IT knowledge).

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