How to Make Friends Fast in Your New Graduate Job

Being the newbie in the office is never easy. You may be worried about making the best first impression or sitting alone with no one to talk to. As an introvert, the thought of trying to socialise alongside learning the ropes in your new graduate job may be too much to handle. However, with a few helpful hints, it may be easier than you thought to build relationships with your colleagues.

Here’s how you can make friends fast in your graduate job:

Introduce yourself on the first day of your graduate job

Instead of waiting for someone else to introduce you, be brave and introduce yourself. You can’t always rely on others, so express yourself how you see it. This is a good way to break the ice and find out more about your colleagues too.

Eat lunch away from your desk

In the first few days, you may naturally stay at your desk to eat lunch. However, it’s unlikely you’ll be involved in conversations or get to know anyone outside of your team. Head down to the canteen or ask one of your colleagues if they’d like to go out and grab lunch. Not only will you be giving yourself a well-earned break but is an easy way to form new friendships.

Offer to help

If you ever spot a colleague struggling with their tasks, offer to step in. Even if you’re doing an internship and have no prior experience, giving up your time to lend a helping hand shows that you’re kind-natured and a team player and may work in your favour if you’re hoping to secure a full-time job.

Going out of your way to help others is a good way to form new bonds and get the conversations flowing.

Be aware of your body language

The way you present yourself is likely to have a major impact on whether or not you make friendships. Crossing your arms, avoiding eye contact, and constantly scrolling through your phone during your break doesn’t give the impression that you’re ready to connect.

Think about your body language if you’re keen to socialise. Keep an open posture and smile. The more welcoming you appear, the more likely your colleagues will want to involve you in conversations.

Attend social outings

If your colleagues ask you to join them for an evening out, try your best to attend. Alternatively, if you hear about a group outing that you’d like to join, don’t be afraid to tag along, or schedule a little meet-up with your team.

Finally – be yourself

Be as authentic as possible when starting a new job. There’s nothing worse than making friends but failing to show the real you. Remember, you have plenty to offer, and people will come to love you just as you are. While there’s no need to discuss deep personal circumstances, you can share interesting bits about your life, hobbies, and interests and see what you have in common with your colleagues.

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