What is a Work/Life Balance and How Can I Achieve it in my Graduate Job?

We so often see the phrase ‘work/life balance’ but what does it actually mean? It quite simply refers to the act of splitting your time between the amount of time you spend working in your graduate job versus the time you have left to focus on your personal life.

In high-pressure jobs with long shift patterns, it can be very difficult to manage a healthy work/life balance which risks putting your wellbeing at risk both mentally and physically. Regardless of your career path, you should be focusing on how to achieve a healthy balance between the two to prevent the risk of burnout.

Here are some of the best ways you can achieve a work/life balance in your graduate job:

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1. Find a graduate job you enjoy

One of the main reasons why people struggle to maintain a work/life balance is due to the fact that they are in jobs they hate. As we spend so much time at work, it’s imperative that you wake up every day feeling excited to get up and go, rather than being filled with dread.

If you’re about to start your very first graduate job or are keen to switch careers, it’s important to look out for roles that you’re so enthusiastic about that you’d be willing to do it for free.

If your current job is simply draining you and you are left with very little time to do things you enjoy, now may be the time to quit. Inspiring Interns has a range of graduate jobs and internships in a wide number of sectors if you’re looking to find a new role in your dream sector.

2. Create boundaries

Since COVID-19, many people now work from home. While this was viewed as a novelty in the early days of 2020, the reality of the situation became apparent when many claimed that they found difficulty in establishing the boundary between work and personal life.

When working in your own home, you may feel as though you’re constantly in work mode – even out of hours. Once your working day has come to an end, put your mobile and laptop away so you don’t feel the urge to check emails or complete unnecessary tasks. It’s also important to set time aside for regular breaks.

3. Learn to say no to your graduate job employers

In some companies, managers can take advantage of their staff by placing too many tasks on their shoulders which can add to the pressure.

Don’t feel as though you have to complete every task that is sent your way – sometimes, you may already be overworked and it’s okay to say ‘no’.

This is especially true when self-employed and are working for several clients at once. Giving yourself the time and space to complete tasks properly without feeling rushed will improve the quality of your work and allow you to work at a suitable pace that doesn’t completely drain you.

Final note…

Finding a work/life balance isn’t easy and may require you to have some conversations with your boss to find a solution to your thoughts. However, by understanding the ways to make that break between work and personal life, you can make small changes starting now.


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