How to Ace Your First Graduate Job Interview

Are you someone who just graduated from their degree programme and you want to take the first step into the real world? Once you have finished your studies it is possible that you are thinking about taking a year off to work before pursuing your master’s degree, or maybe you are someone who wants to jump right into the graduate job working life without a master’s.

Either way, your first job interview will be nerve-racking – which is super normal! You are probably wondering what questions they will ask you but also how to be fully prepared before going into the graduate job interview. Well, once you have read this article you will be as confident as ever!

Step 1: Do your research into the company

Before the job interview, it is always important to do some research because you will have a better idea of the company, the interview itself and what can be expected.

Firstly, research the company so you can understand the ins and outs of the company you have an interview with. You want to learn their overall goals, what you know about the company itself, and have a look through their website and be familiar with the organisation.

Secondly, learn about the graduate job. Re-read the description of the position you are applying for because when they ask you questions such as “why do you think you are the perfect fit for this position?” or “how would you add value to the company and the team?”. The more you know about the job, the easier it will be for you to think on your feet.

Step 2: Practice the interview

No one knows what questions the employer will ask you exactly. However, it never hurts to be as prepared as possible. Review some questions and answers and get a friend or a family member to ask you some questions. Additionally, if you are still nervous, you can read our “3 ways to tackle job interview anxiety”.

Step 3: Dressing appropriately for the graduate job interview.

Although it is very intriguing to wear sweats to an interview, try to dress a little more appropriately. Go for casual-formal look or formal wear. Try to avoid streetwear. If you need further help with an appropriate dress code for an interview you can read our blog which will guide you on what to wear.

Step 4: During the graduate job interview

This is the big moment, the interview. During the interview make sure to bring any extra papers you will need like a work permit, university enrolment, CV, etc. When you feel nervous, which you will be, you need to take deep breaths, maybe bring a bottle of water with you. Most importantly, be humble yet confident, talk about your skills, why you would be perfect for the position and how you will contribute to the team.

Once you have finished the graduate job or internship interview, don’t be shy and ask questions. Any doubts that you may have, bring them up. You can also ask questions such as “what does a day in the life of someone with that position look like”. Finally, thank the interviewer for taking the time to interview you.

Step 5: After the interview

Now that you have finished the graduate job interview, make sure to send an email afterwards, thanking them again.

Guest post by StudentJob