Preparing for a Career Change with Graduate Jobs and Internships

Making a career change is not an easy decision. Whether you have recently graduated from university and fell into several graduate jobs or internships that doesn’t quite fulfil your passions or skills – or perhaps you have been working in a certain occupation for many years and are now looking to do something different – we hope this guide will give you some helpful hints on how to make your career goals happen.

Before you decide to take the leap of a career change, there are certain factors to take on board to help boost your chances of success.

Make a list of different graduate jobs and internships that interest you 

If you haven’t yet thought about which occupations may be suitable for you, it’s time you did some research to discover the different sectors that match your educational background, skillset and interestsAs there are thousands of occupations up for consideration, it would be wise to make a list of those that interest you most and research the factors of each, such as educational requirements, progression opportunities, salaries ad day to day duties of the roleYou can find most of this information on job advert websites which can help you gain a great overall perspective of the role.

Make a career plan

Once you have chosen a career that is likely to be suitable for you, the next step is to make a list of aspirations and figure out how you’re going to achieve them. By creating a plan, you’ll be able to map out both long-term and short-term goals and the steps that need to be taken to turn them into realistic concepts.

Join a graduate job and internships recruitment agency

If you have recently graduated from university, one of the best ways to seek a new job role would be to sign up to a graduate recruitment agency. Recruitment professionals will advise you on the best available job roles within your sector and recommend you to employers. What’s more, they will also offer professional advice to help you secure the job such as writing a great CV, interview tips and many other aspects that could help you secure the job in your desired field.

Don’t underestimate the importance of networking 

When considering a career change, it is always worth getting in touch with your own network of friends, family members and trusted employers to get knowledge to gain insightful information into which firms may be recruiting. Some jobs may not be advertised online, therefore, it is always worth asking around your own social circles for any opportunities that may come available.

Keep up to date with industry news

If you’re serious about making a big career change, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest industry news and trends. Research and make note of the most reliable and up to date publications that inform you of the latest news stories within your desired sector. In some industries, being in the know about the latest news during an interview could make the difference between you getting graduate jobs and internships and being rejected.