To Succeed in a Digital World, It’s Time to Prove Your Creativity

As the world we live in is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, it’s now more important than ever for graduates to boost their creative skills to adapt to the digital world. With industries now introducing brand-new job roles to meet these new technological demands, the prospect of remaining in one job for the rest of your career isn’t set to be the reality.

While job-hopping was once viewed as a negative, it is now seen as a positive trait amongst the most ambitious candidates who are keen to develop new skills to take with them through their career.

These constant developments mean that graduates are forced to keep up with the times. Business owners are on the lookout for graduates who can deal with these evolving trends and apply creativity to tasks.

Over the past 18 months (as a result of the pandemic), individuals have relied more on technology than ever before to entertain themselves and stay in touch with loved ones. Yet, workplaces have also made this shift into a more technological world, with employees now being encouraged to work from home and use various types of tools and software to complete tasks remotely.

So, how can you prove your creativity?

Simply establishing that you’re a ‘creative’ individual on your written CV simply isn’t going to cut it. Rather than simply making a simple statement about the fact that you have an innovative streak, back your point up with clear evidence as to how you have put this skill into practice.

While it can be advantageous to describe your experiences within your CV, have you ever thought about creating a video CV? As opposed to document format, video CVs allow you to showcase artistic expression through body language and tone of voice, as well as the potential to show off your portfolio.

You may also be able to demonstrate some of the best ideas you have had within previous work experiences and what they achieved.

Most importantly, it’s essential to talk about what makes you tick. After all, employers are looking for a sense of passion within candidates. More often than not, our experiences can form the inspiration behind our creativity and help us stand out from the crowd.

Ways to boost your creativity

For some, creativity doesn’t always come naturally. However, this may mean stepping out of your comfort zone and discovering ways to grow more creative over time. This may include allowing yourself to take risks without the fear of failure holding you back, creating new opportunities for yourself and looking for sources of inspiration, whether it be from a book, film, galleries or life experiences.

Final note…

It’s fair to say that creativity and digital ability now go together and are highly sought-after by employers. What’s more, you’ll also be more likely to make key substantial changes in your desired field in order to keep up with the ever-changing trends.

By adopting new tools and technologies and allowing your creativity to take the limelight, you’ll be set to become a leader in whatever industry you choose.