Action for Recruiting During Covid-19

So, we are in lockdown…

“Too much uncertainty” “No employers are recruiting” “There is no more I can do” ~There’s no way I can get a job now” “It’s crazy to think about recruitment in such times of uncertainty”, maybe it’s best to wait until this is all over …….NO!

Both employers and employees can easily fall into this trap and fail to make best use of this valuable window of opportunity.

It’s important to accept that employers may not be recruiting but that doesn’t mean that engagement between employers and employees is not important. They can both use this period of time to their advantage. How they can take action is shown below:


Although companies may not appear to be hiring, it is still an excellent time for employees to get their name out there- particularly in times where businesses are slowing down.

With this extra time; it allows employees to evaluate their candidate profile with a recruitment agent, to ensure it is at the best possible standard. They are also able to dive deeper into companies they are applying for. This gives them more time to align their specific requirements to a job that suits them best, and ensure they are applying to the right firm.

Despite some companies not recruiting, reaching out to them via cold calling will do no harm and could add you to their list of favoured potential candidates in the future.

The Employer:

For an employer, this means getting ahead of the game and short listing the best candidates, so they have a head start when the time is right to recruit.

It is also a time to refine the business’s ‘ideal candidate profile’, in order to meet its current needs, which may have changed as a result of Covid-19. The current slowdown means that many businesses are having to work smarter. Redefining resource requirements and job roles is also an important part of this. Employers can reassess their current staffing and recruitment needs and consider retraining, reorganising and streamlining  the current team and address any gaps through recruitment.

It is also an important time to make sure employers are engaging with the most suitable recruitment firms who are well placed to recruit when the time comes; a task often overlooked.

There is no time to waste and making the most efficient use of resources, will ultimately benefit you in the long run.

In summary; stop wasting your time worrying and start preparing for your future.