Am I napping right?

Most students are the same: work hard, party harder – leaving sleep low down on the list of priorities! So if you’re prone to a library all-nighter, or just can’t seem to say no to a night out, then napping is probably a firm consistency in your daily routine!

Here’s a quick recap of the benefits of napping, which are pretty powerful.

Naps can:
• Boost your brain function, including focus, accuracy and concentration
• Enhance your creativity and critical thinking skills
• Lower your stress levels and lift your mood
• Give you more energy and improve your physical performance

But did you know that there are different types of naps depending on the energy hit you need? Take a look at these five nap types to figure out which one works best for you.

The CEO nap

If you’re looking to boost to your focus and mental performance for a late lecture, then a short CEO Nap (25 min) in the mid-afternoon (1-3pm) is a good napping option for you. Any longer and you will wake up feeling worse!

The coffee nap

Timed correctly, drinking coffee before a short nap can help you wake up more alert than just taking a regular nap. The effect of the caffeine peaks about 30-45 minutes after it’s consumed; so if you nap for 20-30minutes, you’ll wake with an extra jolt to feel refreshed, energetic and ready to hit the student union!

The sports nap

A short 15-20-minute nap will deliver immediate benefits to physical and mental performance for a period of time, without that groggy feeling where you can’t wake up. Time it right, and you can feel more energized and ready for the game or workout ahead.

The disco nap

A trusty companion of the party-animal, a Disco Nap is perfect for when you’re planning a late night. Take a 90-minute nap before you head out for the evening, and you’ll have the stamina and energy to stay up until the early hours!

The siesta

Similar to the routines of many countries around the world, students can benefit from a mid-day sleep to boost their energy levels and leave you awake enough to stay up late studying! Aim for no longer than an hour just after lunch, and you’ll feel refreshed and ready for your afternoon in the library and beyond.

Rachel Cleverley writes for Inspiring Interns, which specialises in finding candidates their perfect graduate jobs. To browse our internships London listings, visit our website.