How To Nail An Assessment Day Interview

Assessment day interviews, or assessment centres, provide an excellent opportunity for employers to assess potential employees throughout the course of a day. For many who may find the prospect of an interview daunting, this process can help relieve some of the pressures. Interviewees have a chance to learn more about the job in question and gain a rapport with existing employees of the company.

However, assessment days tend to be the initial stage of an interviewing process.  They invite a group of candidates to test their suitability for a role at one time. Thus, it is vital that you stand apart from the others and prove that you are right for the role early on to ensure you will be taken to the next stage.

68% of UK employers now use assessment centres at some point in their interview process. It is, therefore, more crucial than ever to understand how to succeed at them!

Fear not! Keeping these helpful tips and tricks in mind, you will undoubtedly nail your assessment day and land the job of your dreams!


Know the Company and be Prepared


The easiest way to impress the interviewers is by proving you are passionate about the job and that you know the company. This includes understanding the company’s brand, ethos and ambitions. With this prior knowledge, you will be able to cater your answers to comply with these values.

Most assessment days will also ask you to prepare a task in advance of your arrival e.g. a presentation. Do not be afraid to get creative and put your own unique spin on the task at hand.  This is a great opportunity for the interviewers to learn about how you work. It is also the perfect opportunity to let your personality shine!


Make Your Voice Heard


Assessment days are fundamentally a group activity. As much as you are in competition with the other candidates, the interviewers want to see how you interact in a team. Try to avoid fading into the crowd or dominating the group. Neither of these tactics will impress your potential colleagues! The best approach to take is just making sure you are active in the discussions and able to listen to others respectfully.

Try to bounce your answers off what previous candidates have said so that your answers appear naturalistic. By doing this you will also find it easier to assert yourself in the discussion and hopefully allow the questions to feel like a conversation rather than a rigid interview!


Be Friendly and Polite to Everyone


Although this seems like a given for a job interview, unlike other job interviews, you are not alone on assessment days! Assessment days are far easier if you are friendly with the other candidates.  The other candidates are in the same boat as you!

Rather than view them as your rivals try to use them as support. This will aid you in your job quest as you will appear outgoing and amenable. Having friends for comfort will also make the whole process far less intimidating!


Be Enthusiastic


It is important to be yourself during assessment days but be your most positive self! This means being enthusiastic to partake in all the tasks showing that you are happy to do them.

Try to keep your concentration throughout the day and not allow your enthusiasm to dissipate! Make sure you are attentively listening to all and any discussions. Then be excited to have your say. This is the time to prove that you want to be there and that you want the job!

Assessment days are meant to be a fun exercise for all involved and should not be a cause of worry! They offer candidates a great chance to feel immersed in the company and to get to know their interviews in a more casual setting. As long as you are presenting your best self and enjoying the process, you will definitely nail your assessment day!


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