5 Of The Toughest Interview Questions And How To Respond

Attending an interview is a scary prospect! To make it worse, it can sometimes feel like the interviewers are out to get you! Every now and again you are asked that one question which seems to have no satisfactory answer.

However, this is not the case. This article will decipher some of those tricky questions and provide advice on how to answer them!

‘What is your greatest weakness?’

This question has confused interviewees since the dawn of time and continues to baffle many to this day! Confessing to your potential employers your weaknesses seems like a recipe for disaster! To manoeuvre this question, ensure you arrive at your interview with knowledge of the job’s desired skills. Using this information, you can discuss a weakness which is a non-essential skill for the job. Thus, not jeopardising your chances.

It is important to remember that the interviewers want to know how you overcome this weakness in the workplace. A good example answer could be poor organisation. To impress your interviewers,  go on to explain the various systems you implement to stop this weakness being a hindrance.

‘Give an example of a challenge you faced in the workplace, and how you overcame it?’

This is an example of a competency question which attempts to assess your knowledge, skills, and attitude.  These are the concepts you need to consider when answering and the response you provide should exemplify these attributes.

The perfect answer to this question is an example where you utilised as many skills as possible whilst maintaining a professional manner. This question allows you to prove your ability to work as part of a team, make tough decisions, and remain calm in high-pressure situations.

‘What attracted you to this position?’

You may have been attracted to a job because of the hefty salary or the amenable working hours but this is not what your interviewer wants to hear. This question gives you the opportunity to sell yourself and prove you’re worthy of the job.

Do not just recall what you love about the opportunity but also discuss how you are the perfect fit. Explore the many ways you would be an asset to the company and how you would prosper in the job advertised. Once again use the job description to prove your strengths align with the position’s needs.

‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’

This question tests your knowledge of your chosen field. Even if you have yet to decide which career path is correct for you, it is crucial to show you have an in-depth understanding of the role. To answer this question, discuss the job titles that follow on from the position presented.

This is especially important if you are interviewing for an entry-level job. The interviewer wants reassurance that they are investing in your future and not wasting resources training you.

‘How do you handle stress?’

The interviewer does not want to hear that you never get stressed because that is unrealistic. Instead, they want to hear how you deal with stress so that it does not negatively impact your work.

To spin this question in your favour provide an example of a time when you were, in fact, motivated by stress. Try to ensure the stressful situation you use resulted because of outside factors rather than a mistake on your part!

Interviews will always be laced with dread. But understanding what the interviewers are looking for makes them a lot easier! Just remember you were invited for an interview because you are qualified for the job and now is the time to prove it!


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