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While your friends are sitting exams with a clear vision of attending university this autumn, you’re sitting them in a different head-space. You know for certain this September won’t involve you packing your bedroom into your parents’ car.

Your friends are talking about the universities they’re hoping to get into and the types of halls they’ll be staying in. They’ll spend the summer buying their own pots and pans and new bedding. Meanwhile you’re not entirely sure what awaits for you when the summer ends and your friends move miles and miles away.

It’s an obviously exciting time for everyone around you but that doesn’t mean what’s coming for you isn’t equally as exciting. So as exam season very quickly approaches, don’t panic if you’re certain you won’t be heading to university in September. The next few months are just as exciting for you as they are for your friends. Here’s how to keep your head in the game.

Try your best

It’s your favourite primary school teacher’s most used bit of advice; try your best and that’s all you can do. Even if it feels like these exams are pointless as you won’t need them to secure a place at uni, this isn’t the case at all. There are plenty of reasons to avoid becoming despondent and instead put everything into your A-Level exams.

  • You may want to go to university some day. At least, if you’ve got the best grades you can possibly get, you’ll have put your future self in the best position possible.
  • These grades may be needed for alternative roots in your career or future education.
  • You don’t want to regret not trying harder when results day does come around.
  • All the hard work you’ve done until now will be damaged if you don’t try your best in these last exams.
  • These may well be the last exams you’ll ever take so, while your friends spend their time revising, you should too!

Enjoy your summer

Just because you haven’t got university ready and waiting for you once summer ends, it doesn’t mean you don’t get to have one last summer holiday too. By all means, up your hours at your Saturday job or find a part-time job, but, if you can, have one last summer break. If your plans after summer involve going into full-time work, you’ll be especially grateful for a couple of months off.

Get stuff done this summer

With a couple of months ahead of you to work a bit and relax a bit, you’ve got time to get stuff done. Whether it’s something you’ve been putting off or something you haven’t had time to get done at sixth form, now’s your time. What could be on your to-do list this summer?

  • Start learning to drive
  • Join the gym
  • Sign up to a class you’ve always wanted to try
  • Visit the friend you’ve always said you’d visit
  • Go on holiday with your college friends

Start planning for your future

Although it’s vital to have a couple of months recovering from A-Level exams, it’s important to spend time planning. When you’re unsure of what’s coming next, it can be daunting. Put time aside, each week, to work out your next steps. Although university might be your friends’ plan, you have time to make your very own.

University isn’t the only route towards a successful career. It’s important you don’t panic if you’re unsure what you’ll be doing in a few months time. You shouldn’t feel as though university is the only sensible path once you’ve received your A-Levels.

If you’re not heading to uni this September, don’t panic! Work hard for your upcoming exams, enjoy your summer with your friends and plan for what you’ll be doing when autumn comes around.

Alternatives to University

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