5 Ways To Stand Out To A Recruiter

Recruiters receive an average of 39 applications per every graduate role, so securing an interview with one can be tricky. Many grads will find their CV ignored, or even after having some contact, never hearing from that same recruiter ever again. When you’re up against so much competition, it’s more important than ever to stand out.

Here are 5 ways to stand out to a recruiter and be the first name in their mind when a new role comes in:

Carefully tailor your CV to each role

Recruiters get sent tens of hundreds of CVs a day. According to research, the average recruiter spends just 6 seconds looking at a CV. Therefore, when sifting through CVs for roles, if they don’t immediately pique the interest of whoever reading, your CV goes straight into the no folder.

A good CV is clear, concise and well formatted. It is not too long, and each skill or bit of experience listed is tailored to what the role is looking for. Even if it’s got bar work on it, it’s okay if it’s linked in with what the role is looking for.

It’s not uncommon for candidates to send generic CVs out. If your CV is varied in experience or highly generic, the recruiter won’t have a clue what to put you forward for.

It is therefore better to have multiple CVs with different sets of skills and experiences on. If you’re interested in roles in communications, you might have 3 separate CVs for roles in editorial, journalism and PR.

Don’t forget to give your CV a name which will allow the recruiter to find it. Name CV + role you’re appying for is the best format.

Build relationships

When dealing with recruiters, always remain professional. Although they meet so many new candidates every week, you can ensure you are memorable by being polite, friendly and confident. This way, when a client calls up about a new role, you can be at the top of their mind.

Treat the meeting like you would any other interview. Send a follow-up email and check in with them every couple of weeks to find out about new roles coming in.

Pick up the phone

Recruiters receive hundreds of emails a week from jobseekers but far fewer think to pick up the phone.

Calling up shows you are confident and have initiative.  Call up every couple of weeks to inquire about new roles, or, if you see a role online you particularly like the look of, call up to affirm your interest.

Just make sure you don’t pester recruiters by calling up too often. This will look desperate and be sure to get yourself blacklisted!

Be clear about what you want

Be clear about what you want to do. If you don’t know, at least give some insight onto the type of career you want, job tasks you like, the industries that interest you and what you definitely don’t want in your next role.

Being too wishy-washy will make it hard for the recruiter to put you forward for roles.


Send a polite follow-up email thanking them for their time and emphasise again what it is you are looking for.

Keep your eyes peeled for new roles coming into the website and be prepared to check in with them on roles you’ve seen that interest you.

If you start a job, remember to inform the recruiter that you are no longer looking so they can take you off their system.

If you were unsuccessful in any interviews you receive through the recruiter, always kindly ask for feedback.

Use LinkedIn

Research  shows that 73% of recruiters will search you on LinkedIn after seeing your CV. LinkedIn acts as an extension to your CV, giving the recruiter more details in what you have done.

You can also join in discussions with professionals from your desired field and post articles you’ve written. It’s a great place to network and make yourself known to recruiters.


The saying that looking for a job is a job itself really is accurate. Searching for a new job can cause a lot of stress and zap away all your energy. By following the aforementioned 6 tips will ensure you stand out as a memorable candidate to a recruiter.

Remember to stay positive in your job search; a lot of it is about mental attitude. Good luck!

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