5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Final Term At University

Finishing anything that has lasted more than a few weeks can be daunting at the best of times, let alone 3 years of university. It’s the fear of the unknown, the uncertainty it leaves behind, and the change getting ever-closer on the academic horizon.

All those nights you’ve spent working, studying and drinking are almost at an end. Taking a minute to just acknowledge the fact that you have nearly done it is a must.

Now you have just one term left of study and so much left to do before you are thrown into the workplace. But how do you manage your time efficiently so that the balance of work and play are in equilibrium?

Stress Busters

In a recent survey, it was found that 8 out of 10 students experienced some kind of mental health difficulty during their studies. It is therefore important that your health comes before anything else; physical and mental.

Knowing ways to calm and ease the mind is a good place to start. Meditation has been proven to have long-term effects on the brain, as well as reducing stress. Finding time to meditate can be difficult, what with dissertations and assignments looming, but it is important that you find some time to breathe. Here are the top 6 apps that could help ease your stress levels a little.


Creating your own schedule is a great way to make sure you stick to it. By planning out your day yourself you are more likely to abide by your own schedule. Make sure that you put the fun things in there too because you don’t want to burn yourself out; or get so bored you don’t want to study anymore.

Looking after yourself

Making sure that you have a full stomach and water bottle means that you are already halfway to doing some successful studying. Stick to your usual self-care routine; you don’t want to upheave your day to day life by adding in something that could throw you off your game.

Eating healthy is also a given, along with walking, general exercise and sleeping. It will help with memory and general productivity; just what you want when revising for exams!

Don’t overthink the future

It’s easy to get consumed by the big question what happens next? You’ve probably been asked what your plans are for after graduation so many times you can’t remember having a conversation that didn’t end in discussing your penultimate student days.

As important as it is making a plan for your future, it is just as important to live in the present. Don’t get all spent by thinking and worrying about it if you don’t have any ideas what you want to do with your future just yet.

No one really knows where they’re going to be in ten years’ time so try not to worry and just live in the now; it is all we have!

CV updating and making summer plans

Sifting through your outdated version of a CV is a great way to get rid of any anxiety about the future. Joining websites such as Linkedin are great for getting a feel for what you’d like to do as a job and to make connections with recruiters and hiring managers.

As well as considering your CV, you might also want to take time out of university thinking and plan something a little more fun. Planning a holiday or even a series of day trips can help ease stress and make finishing university exciting as you will have some short-term things to be excited about.

Have No Regrets

University is all about firsts. Most of the time, when you head off to study away from home it will have been the first time you stayed somewhere for longer than a week away from family. You’ll have your first night out, first lecture, first seminar, first time trying out a new sport/activity etc.

Most people have certain expectations about their time at university, they also have things they want to achieve whilst they’re there. If you have things that you have always wanted to do whilst at university then this is the time to do it. Making a list of these things, if you haven’t already, will help to make your last term more exciting and less daunting.

With all this in mind, you have to remember that you are nearly there. You’ve nearly completed your years of studying and are soon on to bigger and better things. After all, life doesn’t stop when university ends. It’s just the beginning.


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Laura Clarke is a Fine Art student currently in her final year of study.