How To Choose A University Course

Without a doubt, deciding what to study is hard and you might be wondering how to choose a university course.  Universities today offer an extensive list of different subjects making it a challenge to pinpoint exactly which one you should pursue.

There’s usually a degree of self-doubt as well with thoughts like ‘what if I don’t like it?’ or ‘what if I’m no good at it?’ circling your head.  Plus, the decision directs your immediate future and beyond so it seems the pressure to get it right is high.

To help you through this stressful period here’s a few things to consider when you are wondering how to choose a university course.



Take your time considering different courses and the universities that offer them as this is the key to making a good decision.  If you have already decided on a course, look into the different places that offer it and think about things like structure and content.  Who’s do you prefer?  What stands out?  If you decide on History but dislike the medieval side there’s no point going somewhere where the course focuses on this.  Do your research so there’s no surprises when you begin your course.


Don’t Be Rigid

Alongside your research, be creative when thinking about courses.  Dig deeper than the ones you know about or the ones that have been suggested to you.  There are so many options available so use this to your advantage!


Speak To Others

Speaking to others for advice on University choices may help you to decide. You might have family friends, siblings or cousins who have all been to university. They could give you great first-hand information about their course and experience.

There are plenty of online forums and advice websites with testimonials from people who been on courses at a range of universities. This might help you figure out whether courses are well suited to you.

You could also take a look at League Tables, which give a general ranking on university courses, based on satisfaction and teaching standards.


Take Time Out

Don’t be afraid to have a gap year after finishing school.  Not everyone knows straight away what they want to do with their future and that’s ok.  Some people need space and time to think over their options.  If you are unsure what to do or if you’re just unsure if what you are doing is right then perhaps some wider, worldly experience will be a good thing.  It might highlight new options or just confirm your previous thoughts regarding a university course were right.


Listen To Your Heart!

A practical approach to picking a course is important but don’t forget to give your heart a say as well.  Is there an activity or a subject you’re good at that might be worth pursuing?  Is there something you love?  Going after something like this is likely to excite you more than say, something your parents have suggested.  Therefore, picking a course based on your likes should make you happier and more content in the long run.


Think About Career Choices

When thinking about courses, imagine yourself doing the jobs associated with it.  Think about everything these jobs will involve and don’t let yourself get distracted by thoughts of the salary for example, or working hours.  A course is linked to your future career, something you will likely be doing for a while, if not forever, so considering jobs as well as the course will help you make the right decision and ensure you’re happy in the future.


Louise Baillie is a History graduate with a keen interest in writing.  Her blog, which covers a variety of topics, can be found here. 

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