Pros And Cons of Taking Your Car to Uni

Passing your driving test and getting your car is like the ultimate freedom. No more lifts from mum and dad, no more relying on public transport. You got your wheels and your wheels got you!

If you have a car but are moving away for uni, is it worth taking it or leaving it behind? Here are some pros and cons you should consider.



Get your money’s worth

If you already have a car then leaving it behind seems kind of pointless. You’ll still have to pay tax, insurance and MOT on it regardless of whether it’s sitting at home on the driveway or not. So you might as well make the use of it.


The flexibility

It goes without saying but if you have your car with you then you can go anywhere you want whenever you want. You don’t have to depend on public transport and taking multiple buses/trains.


Day trips and adventures

If you’re starting uni in a new town then you’ll want to explore the area and have a good look around at the top places to go. It’s just so much easier to jump in your car and have a tour around. Plus you can have more spontaneous days away from uni and explore outside the campus area.


Rain or shine… Who cares?

You don’t have to worry about layering up during the winter or feeling cool during the summer (thank you air conditioning.) You can dress how you want and not be dictated to by the weatherman.



Car parking issues

Depending on where you’re staying, taking a car to uni could mean you have to park away from your flat. In some places parking can be very limited and also expensive.


Insurance costs

Your uni address will be classed as your main address as you’ll be staying there most the year. This means you will have to update your insurance policy to reflect this and it could potentially add to your insurance costs depending on whether your university address is considered a higher risk than your home address.


Higher mileage

Apart from the generally driving around you’ll be doing, you’ll also be making the trip back home and then back to uni. Depending on how far you live this could add a considerate amount of mileage to your car. Which is another thing you need to notify your insurance company.


The hassle of car maintenance

If something goes wrong with your car then you’re on your own to fix it. You’ll need to find a decent garage and make sure you can afford it too. I’m not even covering all the checks and prep you have to do for winter such as getting snow tires, Winter MOT and also waking up 30 minutes earlier to scrap ice off when it snows!

At the end of the day your car is like your baby, especially if it’s your first one. It’s normal to feel attached to it. For some students, there will be more pros than cons and vice versa. Work out what’s right for you before you zoom off down that highway.


Haleema Khokhar also known as Kimi (a college nickname that stayed) is a journalism graduate working in the world of marketing and freelance writing. She loves animals, dance and a strong cup of tea. Check out her website and Twitter at @MyImpression_ you can also check out her personal Twitter at @KimiKhokhar 

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