5 Signs That It’s Time To Leave Your Job


We’ve all had bad days at work. Maybe even a couple of bad weeks. It’s to be expected. But if you can’t remember the last time you had a good day at work then it might be time to think about moving on.

The decision to leave a job is usually motivated by a combination of things. Below is a list of signs that it may be time to throw in the towel.


It’s just plain old boring

If you feel like your job isn’t challenging you anymore and that you’ve already tried different ways of relieving the boredom, then it may be a sign that you need to hand in your notice and look for a job that challenges you.

Although it’s normal to feel bored sometimes, a prolonged feeling of boredom when at work is a major red light that you’re not working at your maximum.


There’s no passion

If you wake up most mornings not excited about your job and you’re looking forward to the end of the work day before its even started, then something isn’t right. You can love your boss, your colleagues and the company but it is not worth the effort if you hate the work.

That eager feeling you had when you first started your job has fizzled out. If you find yourself sitting still in a job and not on a career path, it’s time to reconsider things.


You’ve got the boss from hell

So sometimes your boss gets on your nerves. It happens to everyone. But when it starts to happen every day, you may need to change jobs. If your boss doesn’t let you complete any task on your own or takes credit for your work, these are warning signs.

Your boss’ attitude doesn’t just affect your time at work. It’s something that you carry with you. It affects other areas of your life and ends up making you miserable.

If you’ve made effort with your boss to try and make work enjoyable and it’s having the opposite effect, then it might well be time to move on. In fact people usually quit bosses, not their jobs.


Time for yourself is non-existent

You can still be invested in your work and have time for yourself. But if you don’t recharge your batteries then you won’t be able to perform your best at work.

When your job begins to affect your personal life it is a telltale sign that your current job is just not for you. Whether you’re working too many hours or you’re stressed and miserable when you come home, no job is worth it when it doesn’t make you feel good.

If you seem to be spending less and less time with your family and friends and that’s due to your job, then you should consider looking elsewhere.


Your position hasn’t changed

If you haven’t moved up and there hasn’t been a chance of promotion in the first few years of your job, it may be a hint that it’s time to leave. You don’t want to feel like you’re not progressing when there are other companies that may see your potential.

Leaving any job is never easy. Make sure you’re smart about the decisions you make leading up to leaving your job; you need a good reference when finding a new one.

Still, if all the warning signs are there and you’ve been thinking about it for a while, then taking the plunge might just be the best thing you can do.


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