Flying The Nest: The Pros And Cons Of Moving Away for Uni

Now is about the time when students will be making the decision of whether they’re moving away for uni or staying at home. Naturally, it’s a personal choice and one that you should make on your own. After all, this is the next three (or more) years of your life we’re talking about.

Some students opt to live at home and continue to enjoy the comforts that come with that. There’s nothing wrong with this at all. You’ll probably save money, your washing will be done and you don’t have to worry about what to eat for dinner.

But what about moving away? Let’s weigh up the pros and cons.



The independence

For the majority of students this will be the first time you’ve tasted independence. You’ll have freedom like never before and be able to do things your own way.


Being responsible

With great power comes great responsibility. Living away from home will force you to be more responsible – a double-edged sword if there ever was one. No-one else is going to feed you, clean up after you or make you study; only you can.


The life experience

Moving away for uni is without a doubt a life experience you will carry with you forever. You’ll grow as a person, learn things you never thought you could and do things you never knew you would – good and bad!


The convenience

Boring, we know. But sometimes you may only have one lecture in the morning and one in the evening. When you live at uni you don’t have to worry about having big gaps between, lectures as you can just go back to your flat/halls.



Feeling homesick

It’s absolutely normal to miss your loved ones. Sometimes, however, it can get too much. The support system isn’t the same when you’re living away as it is at home.


Being on a budget

Living away means you’ll be doing everything yourself so you’ll be watching what you spend. It’s not like at home where the kitchen cupboard magically restocks itself.


Nosy neighbours

You might have endured nosy neighbours at home, but it’s a safe bet that they won’t be as nosy as a bunch of students after a night out. This can particularly be a problem if you’re trying to study or get an early night.


Lack of space and privacy

Living at uni means you’ll have to sacrifice the amount of personal space you get. Most uni flats/halls have tiny rooms so you’ll probably only have that and the kitchen to chill out in. If you didn’t get an en-suite you’ll also be sharing your bathroom with a bunch of other people. Not great.

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding where to live while at uni. At the end of the day, only YOU will know what’s right for you. Remember, if the living situation doesn’t work out in the first year then you can always change your mind for the next.


Haleema Khokhar. also known as Kimi (a college nickname that stayed). is a journalism graduate working in the world of marketing and freelance writing. She loves animals, dance and a strong cup of tea. Check out her website and Twitter at @MyImpression_ you can also check out her personal Twitter at @KimiKhokhar 

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