An Introvert’s Guide To University

We all know university isn’t about the gown and hat you receive at the end. It’s about meeting new people, experiencing new things and learning more about yourself than you have ever done before – as soppy as that sounds.

But what if you’re not the loudest in any room? If you are an introverted soul who thrives in smaller groups over large gatherings, fear not; student life is finding the balance between socialising and figuring things out on your own.

So, before you throw away the books and think student life just isn’t for you, here are some ways to ensure a smooth transition into student living.


Find specific interests groups

Your university will be buzzing with societies; you’ll soon discover that socialising doesn’t always have to mean a night out on the town. Whether you join a student society to pursue a hobby, learn a new skill or to simply meet like-minded people, there are many benefits to joining one!

TOP TIP: Sign up to a group that mirrors your interests as soon as you start university, so that all of you are new and in the same boat!


FOMO is a deadly disease

We have all been there. You’re happy to sit at home with a packet of chocolate digestive biscuits and a hot cup of cocoa but the Facebook posts start to go up…

“Night out with MY girls”
“Lads out on the prowl”
“Best night EVERRRR”
…and so on.

You find yourself scrambling to your feet, throwing on that one outfit that you know you’ll get a few – or many – compliments on and order an Uber so fast Mr. Bolt would be jealous.

The ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ – or ‘FOMO’, as it’s known on the streets – is a deadly disease for introverts. Why? Because you’re always second-guessing your decisions. Who in their right mind misses out on ‘the best night ever’?!

If you genuinely aren’t interested in going out one night… don’t. Friendships at university shouldn’t be forced and nobody wants Moody Judy at the party. Put your feet up and relax. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable when you’re rejuvenated and relaxed.

TOP TIP: Remember, being an introvert can sometimes mean making excuses for not going out in the fear that it will all be too much. Know what your limits are and don’t burn out!


Step outside of your comfort zone

Ever heard the expression, “feel the fear and do it anyway”? Well, we agree. Back in 1908, psychologists Robert M. Yerkes and John D. Dodson explained that a state of relative comfort created a steady level of performance. To maximise performance, we need to achieve a state of relative anxiety — a space where our stress levels are slightly higher than normal.

Fear is good – it keeps us alive – but fear that cripples you and prevents you from achieving the best is unwarranted. But pushing yourself just a little will have a positive impact on both your university experience and later life – and by that, we mean ‘Adult Life: Post-University’ series.

TOP TIP: Set a unique goal for yourself to try something new every week. Whether it be talking to someone you haven’t before or venturing out on the town, go for it!


Being an introvert at university isn’t so bad. Uni is a place where introverts and extroverts flourish together! So push yourself that little bit harder, spark as many interests in you as you can find, conquer the FOMO disease and put on the biggest smile the world has ever seen.

You’re going to be just fine.


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