14 Crucial Numbers to Include on Your CV [Infographic]

You should never underestimate the importance of using numbers on your CV. When you think about it, all achievements are quantifiable in some way, so include percentages, growth rates and savings wherever you can. These figures can demonstrate to your prospective employers at a glance what impact you have had on the business and how your skills could help them achieve the same positive results.

It is OK to explain what you did, but if you are going to state that you reduced the number of customer complaint calls coming in to the business, always remember to include by how much. This could be in the form of a percentage reduction over a quarter, over a year, or even by how many less calls per day on average.

Presenting a successful, numerically dense CV isn’t hard if you can break down each section and add in some relevant figures. To help you achieve this StandOut CV have produced a useful guide highlighting 14 important numbers for your CV that can give you a great insight into what recruiters are looking for.

14 CV numbers

Andrew Fennell is an experienced recruiter, founder of London CV writing service StandOut CVand author of the Ultimate CV Writing Guide