6 Stages Of Post-Uni Life

So, the caps have been thrown, the diploma has found its way into your drawer. What now?

University years are one of the most important and memorable times in the lives of many and moving on from it might somewhat resemble the stages of grief (at least to the more sensitive ones). Here are the 6 stages most recent graduates find themselves going through.


Stage 1: The Relief

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Yay! You’ve just graduated! “No more pencils, no more books…” as Mr Alice Cooper sings it.

At last, your life is no longer measured by an abundance of paper deadlines, presentations, tests or exams. You’re free to schedule your daily life according to your own wishes. Say hello to reading for pleasure, binge-watching your favourite TV Shows, learning that new language you always wanted to or wasting countless hours on YouTube, watching videos of cute, tap-dancing cats just because YOU CAN.


Stage 2: Excitement Continues

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Now that you’re done with your studies, the time has come for you to finally START LIVING. That means moving to a new city (maybe even a new country, if you’re feeling adventurous), getting your own place, landing a perfect job, thus, once and for all, becoming a strong, independent adult you always imagined yourself becoming. Exciting stuff, right?


Stage 3: Reality Strikes

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After the initial post-graduation buzz starts wearing off, you begin to realise that things aren’t as easy as they seem. Turns out, potential employers are not exactly lining up with their hands wide open, waiting for you to eeny, meeny, miny, mo them out so they could hand you the job of your dreams.

Oh, and that “place of your own” isn’t really “your own” as you most likely have to share it with four other people (best case scenario), to say nothing of the state of the place itself (it’s probably a complete dump, isn’t it?).


Stage 4: Rage  

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This is when you start feeling as though everyone has it together except for you. Quite often you surfing the net ends in scrolling down the pages of Facebook or LinkedIn, feeling sorry for yourself as you can’t help but compare your life to those of your former classmates (“I was a better student than him/her! How in the world are they already employed in a place like that?!”)


Stage 5: Panic

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Following these bouts of self-pity, a state of overwhelming fear creeps in. What if you’re not good/smart/talented enough? Was you leaving your parents’ house and starting the life of your own a huge mistake? Do you even know what you want from life anymore? How are you ever going to reach any of your goals? It’s Impossible!!!

Now is also the time that the famous phrase “Baaah! I can’t adult!” starts to haunt you every step of the way.


Stage 6: Acceptance

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After some time passes, you begin to realise that it’s possible that you might have been, well, just a tad bit dramatic earlier. Slowly you start making peace with the fact that, at least for a while, you might have to do something that’s completely unrelated to or, if you’re lucky enough, remotely related to the field you’re pursuing a career in. And that your living conditions, to put it nicely, will not be ideal for a while.

But that’s okay. That’s the rite of passage to the adulthood for the majority of people, anyway (yes, even though their seemingly perfect Instagram pictures might be telling you otherwise).


So, chin up and be patient. If you try hard enough, you’re bound to succeed. It’s all a part of the journey.


Gabriele is an English Language and Literature graduate from Lithuania passionate about music, guitars, acting, literature, clothes, TV shows, Italian food and writing (not necessarily in that order). You can connect with her on LinkedIn

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