6 Top Tips for a Successful Video Interview

A recent survey revealed that 42% of graduate recruitment companies now use video interviews – up 6% over the last four years. So how can you prepare for a video interview when you’re a total newbie?

Here are 6 top tips to ensure that you have a successful video interview.


1.  Practice

Video interviews may be completely new to you, so practicing before the real interview would be a good way of knowing whether you are prepared. Record yourself speaking for a long period of time to see how you look and sound on camera. It won’t come naturally to begin with and it might seem strange. But if it helps you feel more confident, it’ll be worth it.

Video interviews may be harder than face-to-face interviews because you’re talking to someone who isn’t there. Don’t overanalyse what could go wrong; there are only so many awkward silences and connection failures that can occur. Relax. If these occurrences do happen, it’ll be a learning curve to improve next time around.


2. Choose a suitable environment

The first thing to consider when setting up your interview would be to choose a suitable location. Opt for a space that is bright, with limited clutter and free from any distractions.

If you choose your bedroom, tidy up! No-one wants to see your dirty laundry scattered everywhere. Take into consideration what you’re happy for your interviewer to see.


3.  Dress accordingly

Just like any face-to-face  interview, the interviewer will expect you to be dressed appropriately. You may not need to dress formally, but smart-casual dress would usually be the minimum requirement.

Remember that first impressions always count, so don’t lose out just because of your outfit choice. Wearing joggers under the desk may make you feel at ease, but what if you have to stand up? Don’t take chances.


4.  Facial expression

Because only your head and shoulders are in view, what your face says is crucial. Interviewers will be more aware of your facial expressions on screen than in real life because that’s all they have to work with. Be sure to appear attentive and enthusiastic. Don’t yawn, look bored or glance away from the camera for too long.


5.  Posture

Because you’re sitting in a comfortable environment, it’s easy to forget that the interview is still a formal situation. Be aware of your posture; try not to slouch or fidget. Imagine you’re in an interview room and not in your bedroom.


6.  Think about Timing

Like face-to-face interviews, there will be time limits on how long your interview will be. When a question is asked, don’t take too long to respond. Plan all answers beforehand so you don’t freeze. Research possible questions so you know roughly what you’re going to say. There’s nothing worse than feeling awkward and uncomfortable during an interview.


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