Getting a Grad Job: Start the Search this January

If you’re still on the lookout for that perfect grad job, January is a fantastic time to kick off the search; for many reasons.

It’s not just about sticking to the usual “new year, new you” mantra as an excuse to seek new career prospects. Many businesses make strategic changes at the beginning of the year, creating exciting new opportunities for eager graduate job hunters like you.

Here are just a few key reasons why January is an opportune time to start the grad job hunt:

New grad job budgets

In January, it’s common for companies to kick off their budgeting plan for the new financial year. With this in mind, employers purposefully set aside funds to create brand-new positions within the company.

With a focus on expanding the company, small and large businesses are more likely to offer job openings during this month than any other time of the year, which can make it a highly beneficial time to explore new opportunities.

New hiring plans

At the start of the year, companies often undergo a thorough review of their business objectives. Not only does it allow them to evaluate past performance on how certain aspects can be improved, but also areas of the company where there may be scope for growth. As new projects begin to unfold, new graduate job openings may arise too, due to the need for specialised skills and expertise.

Be sure to stay informed about industry trends and keep an eye on company news via LinkedIn and other social media channels to get ahead of the competition.

Whatever field you’re looking to branch into, you’re sure to find the perfect role through specialised graduate recruitment agencies such as Inspiring Interns. Our company aims to connect recent graduates with a vast selection of opportunities from hundreds of companies in all fields. We’ll work with you to find a position suited to your previous experience, skills and career objectives in a highly competitive market.

Performance evaluations

Following performance evaluations at the end of the previous year, some employees may have secured promotions which creates a ripple effect across the company. As current candidates move up the ladder, entry-level grad job roles become vacant and ready to be filled.

On the other hand, some employees decide to resign from their roles at the start of the year and explore new avenues. There may be many reasons for this, such as the desire to seek new challenges or their new salary expectations haven’t been met.

A fresh start

The start of a new year can be viewed as a new chapter, full of possibilities and opportunities. It’s a time when people naturally gravitate towards the idea of a fresh start, and a chance to redefine their aspirations. Therefore, January is always a popular month for job-seekers who have gained a much clearer idea of their goals.

Take a moment to think about your professional ambitions:

  • What would you like to achieve in the coming months?
  • What are the all-important end goals that you have always aspired to reach?

If you’re still on the hunt for a grad job, you’ve come to the right place. By registering today, you’ll have access to a vast selection of internships from various industries and companies across the UK.