Fit For Purpose: How Exercise Can Help You In The Workplace

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are well documented. We all know that exercise keeps us fit, improves our body image and can even protect us from certain illnesses. What isn’t quite as widely known is the multitude of carry-over effects that fitness can have on everyday life – including in the workplace.

Numerous studies have shown that regular exercise can improve brain function, yet this aspect seems all too often overlooked when it comes to actually starting a fitness programme.  Looking great on the beach is one thing, but imagine the benefits of unlocking your full intellectual potential!


Exercise improves your mood

Vigorous exercise releases endorphins that can elevate your mood and fight depression.  A morning workout can turbo charge your day, giving you more energy and a far more positive outlook in work. If nothing else, it will make you more pleasing to work alongside!


Exercise improves concentration

Studies have shown that exercise improves certain cognitive functions, including memory and concentration.There’s no telling what you might be able to accomplish by improving these faculties. A brisk walk, first thing in the morning, can make a big difference to your focus and effectiveness for the rest of the day.


Exercise helps you deal with stress

Cortisol is the bodies main stress hormone. An improved cardio vascular system improves your bodies ability to deal with this hormone, not to mention lowering blood pressure. This means that your body is far more prepared to cope with stress— including that of the workplace.


Exercise buys time

Okay, not literally, but one of the most often excuses people give for not exercising is that they don’t have time. This, however, is false economy. Just 150 minutes of weekly exercise can improve your quality of sleep, which means you will feel less fatigued and more alert throughout the day – staying awake at your desk is known to increase productivity! So those 150 minutes may well equate to multiple times that amount of effective working time.


Exercise can look good on the CV

Finally, sporting events events such as Tough Mudder and Race for Life are often completed by teams of work colleagues. They are actually something of a trend at the moment, and completing such an event can look fantastic on the CV. It shows that you are a motivated individual who is committed to taking care of their health.


… and can improve your social skills!

As we have seen, increased fitness has been shown to improve mood, reduce anxiety and build confidence. These factors are essential for effective communication in the workplace. So maintaining physical health can also positively impact your emotional and social wellbeing, which in turn will boost your ability and confidence to communicate ideas and negotiate effectively.

So there we have it. There are untold benefits to taking care of your body, beyond just the physical. Take a moment to consider how the above factors would improve both your working and day to day life, then consider whether you really don’t have time to exercise. Gym memberships may cost money, but taking into account the above benefits, can you really afford not to have one?



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