The world’s weirdest job titles

When we leave university we’d all like to think that we’d walk into our dream job. Many graduates will look for careers in medicine, law, marketing, designing and writing, among other popular vocations. However, if you don’t want to follow the crowd and would rather spend your life doing something a little more niche then how about becoming a Smarties expert, MILF Commander or bride kidnapping specialist. Yes, these are real job titles!

Following on from our blog post on 10 of the most bizarre jobs in the world, here are some screenshots taken of the oddest job titles to appear on documentaries and news programmes around the world:

1. Chocolate Beer Specialist
Who wouldn’t want to be a specialist in chocolate and beer or even chocolate beer?

2. Pork Rind Expert
I wonder how exactly you become an expert in a snack product?

3. Head of Potatoes
I would love to know the responsibilities of this role…

4. Bride Kidnapping Expert
I’m intrigued to know how exactly you become an expert in bride kidnapping? And how much work he actually gets…

5. Writer/Wizard/Mail Santa/Rasputin impersonator
This guy has not one but four job titles, three of which are pretty unusual.

6. Pornography Historian
Who knew the world needed one of these?

7. Smarties Expert
With all that sugar in their systems it must be a right party when all the Smarties experts get together!

8. MILF Commander
I wish I could get hold of a job description for this role…

Have you ever noticed any weird job titles when watching TV? We would love to hear them!

Hannah is a Digital Marketing Executive at Inspiring. She blogs about food here: and tweets about food here: @misshana_. She squeezes in time for graduate careers advice and commuting rants too.