10 productive ways to liven up your work lunch break

There is never enough time in the day to do everything you want to do. With long and sometimes hectic days we have very little time for ourselves. A good time to squeeze an hour of ‘me-time’ into our day is during our lunch break.

Whether you have a whole hour or a half an hour for lunch, here are several productive ways you can use your lunch break:

1. Pamper yourself: It’s always hard to squeeze in a haircut or manicure on the weekend or after work so use your lunch break for some self-indulgence.
2. Take a cookery course: L’Atelier des Chefs is a new chain of cookery schools which is bucking a trend by appealing to young professionals keen to learn simple dishes in their lunch break. You will learn to cook simple dishes in just half an hour. After that, you can either stay and eat the dishes you have created with your classmates or take the finished dish away to eat at your desk.
3. Run errands: Your lunch break is the perfect time to pop to the shops and pick up those necessities or run any errands.
4. Paying bills and managing your bank account: You can pay your bills online and make any transactions while you eat your lunch at your desk. This will allow you to get this mundane duty accomplished during your lunch break rather than taking up your evening.
5. Meet a friend or family member for lunch: We all have our separate lives to live and it is sometimes hard to get together with loved ones. If you are lucky to work near your friends then arrange to meet up and have a good old chinwag over lunch. If you are too far apart then schedule a phone date.
6. Get some exercise: This could include a simple walk, going to the gym, taking a yoga, Pilates or exercise class or take inspiration from us and play a quick game of table tennis. It is a great way to clear your head, get away from your desk and stretch your muscles.
7. Make money: Many marketing firms will pay you to complete an online survey. These surveys can take between 10 minutes and half an hour and you’ll usually earn between 50p and £10 per survey.
8. Shop online: Use your lunch break to browse for clothes, shop for hard-to-find items you can’t be bothered to hunt down in shops or buy a last minute birthday present online.
9. Personal research or writing: Do some personal research online for your next summer holiday or get some inspiration for your dinner. You could write up a post for your personal blog or update your LinkedIn profile.
10. Save a life: Find a local blood centre and use your lunch break to donate blood.